Vlogmas Christmas and New Year

Vlogmas is officially over! The final week has been all bout Christmas, New Year and catching up with friends in a rather soggy Scotland which involved a lot of moving around, but was fun. A full round-up of the lessons I have learned from taking on vlogmas is coming soon but in the meantime here is a summery of my final videos in case you missed them.

Vlogmas Day 22

A surprise arrival back to Edinburgh, a package from Killstar, and walking the dog to the pub, it felt good to be home.

Vlogmas Day 23

Last minute shopping in Edinburgh was a calmer experience than in London but still required a beer timeout.

Vlogmas Day 24

Beach breakfast then back over the Forth Road Bridge to Fife to catch up with more family.

Vlogmas Day 25

Back in Edinburgh for Christmas Day.

Vlogmas Day 26

Christmas Day number two, catching up with more family and a Darth Vadar impression.

Vlogmas Day 27

With Christmas over it was time to hit the road again and see our friends in Glasgow.

Vlogmas Day 28

Despite Frank battering Britain, by some miracle we made it across to the Isle of Mull on the ferry.

Vlogmas Day 29

A tour round our New Year house which looked like something from a reality TV show.

Vlogmas Day 30

We took advantage of a break in the storm and went for a walk on the beach where we found some sheep to chase and a tower to explore.

Vlogmas Day 31

Saying goodbye to 2015, Scottish style.

What did you get up to over Christmas and New Year?


  1. Claire says:

    Love the new year house, what a super spot!

    1. Emma says:

      It was awesome but the layout was very open so you definitely have to be close friends

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