Borough Market

London’s oldest fruit and veg market has been feeding hungry Londoners since the 11th century, and me for the past five years. Borough Market was one of the first places I visited after moving to London and now, around the corner from my office, is somewhere I go far too often.

Borough Market Emma Inks

Being this convenient to stop by is both a blessing and a curse, my stomach always leaves feeling full but my wallet empty.

Borough Market Emma Inks Blog

During my lunch break my usual stops are: Total Organics, for a freshly squeezed green juice called ‘The Zinger’ if I need a pick me up.

Borough Market Emma Inks Blog

If I am looking for something more substantial The Veggie Table for one of their amazing vegan burgers served on a leaf, or if I am feeling flush a bed of salad.

Borough Market Emma Inks Blog

I really can’t get enough of this market so I often also head down with the rest of the crowds on a Saturday. Usually I am pretty hungover so tend to go for a mammoth halloumi sandwich from The Guildable Manor, washed down with a hair of the dog hand pressed cider.

Borough Market Emma Inks Blog

After discovering that the market was not that much more expensive, and offered a much better experience than supermarket, I now not only pop down to the stalls for lunch but also for groceries where I have found all kinds of interesting new produce.

DSCF8886The vegetarian choice used to be pretty small at the market but as it has expanded so has the choice of vendors catering for all tastes and dietary needs.

Borough Market Emma Inks Blog

With this growth has come glossy façades such as a glass entrance and seating area, demo kitchen and Bread Ahead bakery school. Though now shiny and modern, it continues stand by its core values: concentrating on feeding the London community as well as welcoming passers by.


This mixture of locals and visitors makes the market busy but also creates a balanced energy of wonderment and routine which is one of the elements that makes the stalls tucked under the railway track such a joy to visit.

Borough Market Emma Inks Blog

In my opinion Borough Market is so special because it has the perfect balance of modern and timeless.


Meeting changes head on by adapting to their customers needs through expansion, new traders and additional opening hours, all whilst sticking to their founding principles, continuing to provide a unique experience, offering diverse and high quality produce (from both the UK and around the world) served up by knowledgeable stall workers.

Borough Market Emma Inks

If you want to see more I have a short tour of the market on my YouTube channel.


  1. Vicky says:

    Despite being born and bred in London I’ve never been to Borough Market! I’ve been promising myself I’ll go for ages now, it looks like my perfect place! X

    1. Emma says:

      It’s always the same when something is one your door step but I would wholeheartedly recommend that you check it out!

  2. I love Borough market, as you well know! We need to plan another Borough Market lunch soon, please – its been too long! x

    1. Emma says:

      Yeah we do! I have been searching for those vegan pancake things you got last time but can’t find it, I need your help and to hear all about your trips.

  3. Elle says:

    I absolutely adore Borough market and have grown up going there as it’s just around the corner from me. So happy you like it so much too! I have a meeting in a coffee shop today and will definitely be going via the cheese/cakes/burger stalls first 😉


    1. Emma says:

      It is so hard to go and just grab what you actually need, I always end up making a detour. Hope that your meeting goes well.

  4. I adore Borough Market, even with those pesky tourist crowds!

    1. Emma says:

      It is so great, we should have a foodie meet up there soon

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