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Things That Rocked January


Friends – Even though I loved being away in New York and spending time with my friends and family in Scotland, it has been great to be back in London. Due to a lack of funds I have been out much less but have managed to catch up with a few of my close friends. Brunches, lunches and dinners will be mentioned below but sometimes it is fun just to stay in and have people over. This is exactly what me and my blogging buddies did a couple of Fridays ago, which lead to much processo being drunk, weird YouTube watching and all polished off with a game of Cards Against Humanity.


Cycling – A few months ago I fell off my bike damaging my gears, but last week I eventually got Pablo to help me fix it. After a bit of Googling he managed and it was as good as new! It was great to hit the canal paths, whiz to the pub, meet friends and explore Queen Elizabeth Park at speed. Now I just have to be brave enough to tackle that daily commute again.


Britain’s Got Talent – On of my good friends is Amanda Holden’s PA and kindly hooked a bunch of us up with Britain’s Got Talent tickets, which normal people have to wait hours in line for. The entire experience was great and there were some hugely talented acts and plenty of yes’s by the judges. The show was very varied, seemed genuinely unscripted and the panel was much kinder than it is made out to be on TV. Keep your eyes peeled this season, not only for me but for VV Man and Cream, who were two of my highlights of the evening.


ICEBAR Rocks – You may have already seen my post on this, but I had an amazing time at another LDN Meetup event where I got to mingle with other bloggers and sip cocktails at -5°C.



Mull – Starting the year out in Mull was truly amazing, being surrounded by such great people and absolutely stunning scenery was a really positive way to begin 2016. There were a few travel distributions and the weather was dreich as always but I really enjoyed the 7 hour road trip back from the island to Edinburgh.


Les Arc – Straight after I got back from new year I had to pay the bill for our annual group ski holiday which was a killer financially but has got me so incredibly excited about spending a week in the mountains snowboarding with 30 of my mates.



Weddings – This year we have ALL the weddings to go to, but it certainly kicked off in style with our wonderful friends Tarryn and Ryan. The day was incredible and the most relaxed yet, pinterestible, wedding I have ever been to with so many personal touches.

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Targets – As you guys hopefully know, I am not into blogging for the number, however, this month I met a few targets on Instagram and YouTube. It is always lovely to get recognition for something you are passionate about, so thank you all for your support.


Drawing – By no means do I consider myself an artist but I put pencil to papaer for the first time in ages this month, and it felt great.

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Paesano Pizza – Now, you know I am a mega pizza fan so when my friends said they were taking us to the best place in Glasgow I was ecstatic. Paesano Pizza was busy but laid back and the pizza was so delicious – it is getting its very own blog post soon…


The Breakfast Club Hoxton – I have been here way too many times, but with a new menu to check out I couldn’t resist another trip. The loud yet chilled out atmosphere was winner, as always, but so was the new menu which include ever so trendy poutine and different pricing depending on how many side you would like (think Nandos style). Not only has the menu improved but also the quality of the food, my only criticism would be that they took the veggie burger off which was my favourite dish.


Homeslice – There is a new Homeslice in Shoredicth so naturally I have already been twice this month and I am not even remotely sorry about it because their mushroom pizza is next level good.

IMG_9382 (1)

Zengi – This is one of my favourite places to grab cheap and hearty food after a hard day in the office. It is usually quiet and offers amazing Middle Eastern fair. I like a bit of everything so we usually order the standard mezze platter which lets you choose your own combination of dishes, my recommendation is to get the baba ganoush and the falafel.

IMG_9835 (1)


Wedding guest goth – I have been trying to go on a bit of a spending ban so have been pretty boring in the style stakes this month, but wedding wear was the theme of January. This is one of my least favourite events to buy for because I am a goth at heart and feel uncomfortable wearing anything traditionally weddingy, and also I don’t have the funds to buy something I am going to wear once and probably hate. Anyway, after a major shoe disaster I wore this dress from Urban Outfitters to my first 2016 wedding  and hopefully didn’t look too much like I was going to a funeral.

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Vintage t-shirts – I go into the vintage shops in Brick Lane almost weekly in hope of finding some more vintage rock and Harley Davidson t-shirts. This month I picked up this cracking Harley Davidson number with wolves on the front and a variety of animals printed on the back that represent the spirit of Alaska.

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I picked up loads of items whilst in New York, and shot a few outfit posts out there if you are looking for something more like my traditional style. There is a look book and some individual posts featuring, Social Decay, American Eagle, Topshop and some kick ass street art.



Is another category that has taken a bit of a back seat this month after my Sephora splurge in New York, but I did get a sneak peak at the new Barry M spring collection before it hit stores which is quite exciting as well as picking up a few bits to save my skin after partying way to hard in December.

How has 2016 been for you guys? Any highlights you want to share? Also, I feel like these posts are maybe too long would you prefer a shorter weekly version to go along with my Sunday vlogs?



  1. tapeparade says:

    It’s so lovely to hear how your 2016, sounds like really fun so far! I love the wedding look, I don’t think black for a wedding is a problem at all and that dress is so pretty. Also, your drawing is incredible!! xx

  2. erinniimi says:

    UMM, you drew that?! That is amazing! l wish I could draw, I am terrible! Seems like you had a lovely January – hope February is just as good, if not better!

    Erin xxx

    1. Emma says:

      Thanks lovely! I can’t believe it’s almost the end of February already

  3. A rocking week indeed! I definitely need to check out that Ice Bar.

    1. Emma says:

      You totally should it’s a fun way to drink

  4. Leanne says:

    What an excellent start to 2016! Love roundup posts like these xo

    1. Emma says:

      Thanks love, I never know whether monthly posts are a little long or not?

  5. Jess Leeman says:

    ahhh I had BGT tickets last year but couldnt go! 🙁 glad you had fun lovely! xox
    Jess | http://www.beautifulbreakable.com

    1. Emma says:

      It was fun but is such a long evening, hopefully you get to go next year

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