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One of the things I love most about London is that there is always something new to discover. This was once again the case on Thursday evening. I have walked down South Molton street a thousand times, but have obviously been too distracted by clothing stores to notice the vibrant LUMAS gallery.

LUMAS Art Emma Inks

Some of my best blogging gals and I came across this space as we were invited along to the launch of LUMAS Art Now, a postcard-sized collection with the aim of making art accessible to all, no matter what your budget or London flat size.

LUMAS Art Emma Inks

The collection was also inclusive of all styles including Pop Art, Vintage Art, Animals, Cloned Photos, Cities and even Storm Troopers,just to name a few of the pieces.

LUMAS Art Emma Inks

The pictures were not just pretty but also practical – mounted under acrylic glass and are ready to hang with a built-in hook, magnets, or an acrylic desk stand, so you can display them anywhere.

LUMAS Art Emma Inks

This series encapsulates LUMAS mission which is: “The Liberation of Art. Proving that art does not have to cost the earth to be beautiful.”

LUMAS Art Emma Inks

As a Star Wars fan I was instantly drawn to David Edger’s posed Stormtrooper collection, one of which I was lucky enough to take home.


It was not just the Art Now series that felt accessible but also the gallery itself.

LUMAS Art Emma Inks

I am not hugely knowledgeable about art but I do have an appreciation for it and try to visit exhibitions as often as possible.

LUMAS Art Emma Inks

The problem I have with art is that galleries are often stuffy, making me feel unwelcome and inferior; this could not be further from the experience LUMAS offers.

LUMAS Art Emma Inks

The space is set up like a house, instantly making me feel at ease and free to explore the art on show instead of being made to feel uncomfortable.

LUMAS Art Emma Inks

Each room has its own theme so, once again, there is something for all tastes.

LUMAS Art Emma Inks

Bond Street station has always been associated with as a shopping stop for me, but now also offers a cool yet enjoyable place to take in art and maybe even pick up a few pieces for my own place.LUMAS Art Emma Inks

The LUMAS Art Now postcards are on sale for £24 and can also be ordered online with a personalised message.

*I was invited along to LUMAS gallery and gift with one of the Art Now pictures however as always all opinions are my own.


  1. erinniimi says:

    I love this as a concept! I love art, although I don’t know much about it in the academic sense, but it is so expensive – this sounds right up my street! Erin xx

    1. Emma says:

      It’s a great place to stop by if you are in Central London they have so many great pieces

  2. themayfairy says:

    Some beautiful stuff here – I adore the Stormtrooper stuff too! x

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