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What Is My Niche?

“Find your niche” is advice which is often given in the blogosphere but is also something I question in my life outside the Internet.

What is the thing that makes me different? What truly makes me happiest? What is my unique selling point?

The answer is: I have no idea.

I thought by my late twenties I would have my shit together way more than I do. I thought I would be career driven and focussed, but I am not any clearer on what I want from life than when I was 5. I still have that childlike curiosity where I want to see and do everything, and still cry with frustration when I am told that I can’t have it all.

I have never really had a ‘thing’, my brain just doesn’t seem to work that way; my mind restlessly flits between one interest to the next without having time to stop and take in all the information. Not having an attention span capable of focussing on one thing at a time means that I have never become an expert in any subject.

I have written down endless lists to try and become more focussed but I just can’t seem to narrow it down. There is no hierarchy to the things I am interested in and I don’t want to have to choose just one.

The only thing I can narrow down is that I have the desire to travel, learn and take in new perspectives, but they just open up more doors. Think of the landscapes, food, culture, fashion, makeup, people and art I would stumble across. How am I meant to choose just one to concentrate on?

I have asked people much wiser than myself how they seem to have figured out what their niche is and the recurring advice is that I just have to settle on something and go with it. This makes complete sense – the only thing is, the word “settle” never really appealed to me; although I can see other people that have who are truly happy and live in a blissful existence, I am just not sure that it’s for me.

I feel most uncomfortable when content, which I know sounds bizarre, but calmness and security makes me feel like I am wasting time and makes me even more restless.

I have no idea what the solution is to my agitated nature but blogging has definitely made me think more carefully about what I want to do with my life, instead of just plodding along and hoping it will get better. It gives me an outlet and, though I don’t like to focus on numbers, the drive to improve my blog has made me question my approach to what I do and how I share my life.

I have a great respect for both people that share everything and those who choose to have a highly curated digital life. The latter takes a type of discipline I just don’t seem to have. I have always had a little voice who wants to break the rules (even when they are self imposed), so the second I say I want my Instagram theme to be blue or I that must post 3 times a day I lose interest almost immediately.

I  have not reached that level of maturity where I can make myself do something for the bigger picture rather than what is in my heart. I can see the formula of ‘success’ in terms of numbers but there is a stubbornness in me that pushes back again, acting for the long term rather than the passion I feel in the moment.

I totally understand why a niche is important in real life as it gives direction and purpose, and in blogging life it helps readers know what to expect, but, for now, I think I am just going to have to continue on as I am confusing people and hope that they enjoy following my scattered thoughts and interests.


  1. themayfairy says:

    I really envy people who have a specific dream from a young age. It might mean a crazy path to follow and a long uphill journey but at least they have a path and quest. I’m over here like “should I save the princess or kill the dragon? Maybe I should try this ring that makes me invisible… ooooh, no, don’t do that” just floating around on my own little island…😖

    1. Emma says:

      It would be so lovely to have an idea of where I wanted to be heading towards but maybe our weird and wonderful wiggly paths are more fun

  2. I’ve never really liked the idea of having a niche for a blog either. I have just always wanted my little online space to be about me and my journey. At the same time, I think that having a niche in life is just as ridiculous!! Don’t worry about boxing yourself in or categorizing who you are–be everything at once and be awesome at it!! Have you ever read “Radical Self-Love” by Gala Darling? It’s inspirational.

    1. Emma says:

      I adore Gala Darling! Thank you so much for such a lovely comment, you are right I just need to own being everything at once.

  3. lizandtracey says:

    Gosh reading this I thought I had written it. At 45 I’ve still not found my niche. When asked what it is , I always say lifestyle because that kinda covers everything.
    Thanks for sharing this. It’s good to know it’s not just me who confuses my readers. Tracey x

    1. Emma says:

      I am so glad you could relate, I really think most of us are confused and just trying to do our best.

  4. Maeve says:

    I can relate to every word of this! I hate the idea of boxing myself in to one thing and one thing only. Blog wise I’m happy with posting about a variety of topics, career wise though I have absolutely no idea!
    Maeve // Thrift O’Clock

    1. Emma says:

      I love variety and personality in blogging, as for real life I am sure we will work it out eventually. xXx

  5. I think your approach is beautiful and unique to you. Yes, in terms of creating a brand, a niche is important – but also remember that within a niche there are sub categories. I always feared being put into a box and was all over the damn place. In January, I did a full rebranding and started listening to my readers, what they identified, what content they found engaging and I started working towards balancing it out – what did I want to spend my time creating content for and what did my readers seem to enjoy. I still have my completely random post every now and then, but that is what makes my blog different from every other cookie-cutter blog. Hang in there, we’re all just acting like we got this figured out when we really don’t! http://bymegankelly.co.za/

    1. Emma says:

      Thanks lovely, there are so many talented bloggers it’s easy to forget we are all just winging.

  6. Talia says:

    I don’t have a niche and i’m so happy I don’t! I feel like I wouldn’t enjoy blogging if I had to focus on one particular theme x

    1. Emma says:

      I think you totally have to go with what it right for you and your blog, there is no point writing something if you don’t enjoy it.

  7. Claire says:

    For what it’s worth, I love your blog because it’s not a niche blog. Instead, it’s *you*. We humans are full of contradictions and uniqueness and I think there’s always room for honest, interesting voices.

    1. Emma says:

      Thanks so much Claire, you are right it’s our unique qualities that make life interesting xXx

  8. erinniimi says:

    I feel the same way about focus – I think in our parents generation, people would stay in one career and stick to it, whereas it’s not really the case anymore. Ultimately, we all blog because we love it, and I agree with Claire’s point above!

    Erin xxx

  9. Nabeela says:

    This was really interesting to read! I’ve never really liked the idea of fitting into a niche, specifically in blogging. When we have so many sides to our personalities, to place ourselves in categories isn’t progressive. Maybe try and see this as a good thing. Having lots of things that you care about is a lot better than having nothing. Never restrict yourself, your direction will become clear soon. Lovely post!!

    Nabeela x

    1. Emma says:

      Thank you! I totally see it as a positive it just gets me down a little bit when I am constantly being told I need to have a niche

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