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July Round-Up

I honestly don’t understand how we have reached the end of July already -this year seems to be on fast-forward. July has been a busy month for me and I haven’t had time to write everything up, so I thought I would go back to a good old fashioned roundup post to catch you guys up with what I have been up to as well as my normal monthly beauty favourites.


I thought I had been pretty restrained when it came to beauty this month, with only a few treats from Urban Decay, but when I started filming I realised that lots of NYX items seemed to dropped into my basket at Boots once again! I like to switch things up round here so instead of a full review on the product I am going to let the video do all the talking and give you an update on what I have been up to in July.

On the topic of change, I want to start adding more of me than just beauty on my YouTube channel; it will still be have lots of beauty related topics but hopefully with a little more personality and focus.

London Life

July Round-Up Emma Inks

Tatty Devine

My favourite handmade jewellery brand did not disappoint with the preview of their Christmas collection. They have once again created pieces to suit every style with;

  • Classic Christmas featuring the cutest cheese and wine combination
  • A haberdashery line which goes to so much detail that there is even thread in the sewing machine necklace
  • An animal collection where all proceeds go toward Battersea Cat and Dogs Home

As well as stars and glittery pieces to add a bit of sparkle to the festive period. They also have a limited edition line of tree ornaments this year meaning that your tree can be just as bling as you.

July Round-Up Emma Inks

Community Unite

Natasha and I headed along to the Community Unite event to meet up with fellow YouTubers. The day gave us the opportunity to talk to and get to know fellow creators, listen to varied panels and discuss important topics such as diversity within the industry. This day gave me a great introduction to the YouTube community and really inspired me to think about the direction I want my own channel to go in.

House Parties!

I would choose a house party over a club anytime and Katy knows how to through an awesome one. Celebrating all things American, guests adorned their best USA themed outfits and played beer pong. Note to anyone thinking of hosting a similar themed event: stick to playing drinking games with beer, not vodka, even if it does go better with the colour scheme.

*I stole this picture from Katy’s blog

July Round-Up Emma Inks

My Favourite Sale

Erica, Claire, Charley, Milly and I were invited me along for the launch of the My Favourite Sales website in swanky 21 Portland Place where we indulged in some high class afternoon tea whilst learning about the site that allows you to find out about sales, share your bargain buys and inspire others with your style.

Big Blogger Expo

Another successful event organised by Lauren where I got to hang out with bloggers and meet some great brands.


July Round-Up Emma Inks

Pergola On The Roof

I have loved the recent heatwave and have taken every opportunity to be outside, so chowing down on amazing food with some of my favourite girls at rooftop pop-up Pergola on the Roof was a perfect way to get through hump day.

July Round-Up Emma Inks

Hackney Wick

Talking of al-fresco dining, I have loved spending my evenings along the canal at Hackney Wick. There are so many independent eateries to choose from and events happening within this artists hub in East London, it is one of my favourite areas to spend summer evenings. Sadly developers have started making their way into the area which I am really hoping does not destroy this incredible community.

Meat Liquor

Though this might not sound like the best place for a vegetarian this small chain offers up a tasty halloumi option to keep us herbivores happy. The decor is dark and macabre so completely up my street. (full post coming soon)

July Round-Up Emma Inks


July Round-Up Emma Inks

There has not been much travel for this month BUT we have booked out flights to LA in December! The plan is to spend a month road tripping from LA to Canada and back. Our current route is: LA, Las Vegas, Yellowstone, Banff, Jasper, Whistler, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Big Sur, Santa Barbara and then back to LA, so if you guys have been to any of those places let me know, I would love your tips.

Teepee Wedding

Our lovely friends held the most beautiful boho themed wedding in Yorkshire, so much of it was handmade by the stunning bride Fay and her bridesmaids, and it was incredible seeing the empty tent turn into such a stunning venue. You can read all about the wedding prep through her blog posts.

July Round-Up Emma Inks

What I have Been Watching

When I did have a moment between all these events I caught up with the excellent creepy new Netflix show Stranger Things, a Science Fiction/Horror set in 1983 starring Winona Ryder. This show manages to maintain its unique plot line whilst also throwing back to many 80’s classic movies such as ET and The Goonies.

I spend most of my days on YouTube but with the announcement of Ru Pauls Drag Race All Stars 2 my main focus has been on the past season’s Drag Queens by watching endless episodes of Hey Queen.

What I have been reading

Jumping on the blogger bandwagon I got myself a copy of Emma Gannon’s book Ctrl, Alt; Delete: How I Grew Up Online. have only had time to  read three chapters so far but already I can relate to her stories of being an awkward teen and trying to navigate MSN.

I read so many blogs that I am sure I am forgetting some of my favourites but a few which stick out in my mind are;

Charlie’s Saying Something – a heartfelt piece on using our voices.
Kristina’s Style Rules which keep things simple and comfortable, which I am all about.
Rhianna’s Thought’s On Body Confidence, which I can completely relate to.

What have you guys been up to in July? Anything I should check out?


  1. Sounds like an epic month! All the exciting things. I really want to give Stranger Things a go, I’ve only heard good things!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Emma says:

      Jas you have to watch it, it’s so good

  2. I love that photo from Meat Liqour! Thanks for sharing my post as well, you gorgeous thing.
    Charlie, Distracted

    1. Emma says:

      No worries babe I loved it

  3. It sounds like you have been had an amazing July! I did nothing. haha

    1. Emma says:

      I didn’t quite realise how busy I was until I wrote it all down

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