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My Tattoos and Tips

Tips might be a bit of a clickbait title because I am no way an expert in tattooing, but since I now have a fair few I thought it might be useful if I shared some of the things I have learned with each inking.

Choose a style as a starting point

There are so many talented artists out there that selecting the style you want is a great way to narrow down your search to get the artist who is right for your type of tattoo.

Check out Instagram

I have found Instagram increasingly helpful for tattoo inspiration. Many artists are now using Instagram as a place to share their portfolio of work so it is a great way to see their range and style before committing. Even if you don’t find your perfect artist I could get lost for hours looking at other people’s tattoos – getting an idea for positioning and styles.

Get Reading

One of my favourite places to read up on tattooing is Things and Ink, a beautiful artistically driven printed magazine and blog which shares a variety of interesting artwork and stories. I was privileged enough to tell my story on their blog this year if you want to check it out and find out even more about my tattoos. Another great read is Needles and Sin, a tattoo blog focussing on tattooing as a fine art as well as its surrounding culture.

Be willing to pay

Good art does not come cheap and this piece is hopefully going to be on your body for the rest of your life, so get saving to get a high quality piece of art rather than compromising on a bargain.

Visit conventions

I find that one of the best places to find inspiration and artists are at conventions. With the increased popularity of tattoos there are more springing up all over the UK and Europe. Getting to see a tattooist work first hand is so worth the ticket price alone. Also, artists travel from around the world to attend some of the most prestigious events so this is a great opportunity to get inked by the artist you want without the price of a flight.

Be willing to travel

There are a vast amount of hugely talented artists but if the one you really want is not on your doorstep I think it is worth saving extra hard to get the exact piece that you want.

Be open to the artist’s ideas

You have hopefully selected this artist because they are professional and you already love their work, so trust them to make the right decisions when it comes to design and positioning. It’s a collaborative experience so work together to get the best end result.

Don’t feel pressured into getting something you don’t want

Taking into account the point above: always remember it is your body, so if you are unsure or feel pressured into something that you might later regret, don’t do it!

Don’t skip on aftercare

So many people worry about the pain of the actual inking whereas for me it is the healing that is the worst part of getting a tattoo, so take care of it to prevent infection and fading.

Be ready for people’s reactions

If you get a visible tattoo your body will suddenly become open for conversation, questioning, scrutiny and may even be touched by strangers. I don’t mind people being inquisitive but those that give unsolicited advice or their negative opinion quickly get shut down because it’s my body to decorate how I want.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

If you have ANY concerns about your tattoo before, during, or after, ask your artist – they are the expert.

Think Before You Ink

This is the most important tip I can give because though tattoos are much more easily erased these days, do you really want to go through all that money, time and pain?

I really don’t mind having a chat about my tattoos, or answering questions, so leave them below if you have any, just please steer away from negativity or the standard ‘]”What about when you get old?”.

I always love learning more about tattooing so if you have any tips leave them below.


  1. My tip would be to eat a big meal before getting big work done! You’ll be there for a long time. I once almost went into shock in a session because I didn’t take the artist’s warning of “eat a good meal” seriously. I was getting a freakin’ chest piece done and the pain was nothing compared to how badly I was shaking. DUDE. Eat. Bring extra bananas if you have to. And immediately go out for ice cream after 😉

    1. Emma says:

      Great tip!! I never miss a meal so have never had that problem but I know a few friends that have had a really tough time because they have been too nervous to eat.

  2. The cost of a good tattoo artist is worth it. If you are willing to wear it for a life time, expect to pay for a real artist and not one who is having fun!

    1. Emma says:

      100% agree it’s a lifetime purchase so invest

  3. Such good tips! When people are surprised by how much I paid for my tattoos, they’re usually the kind of people whose pals did theirs at a party for £20 when they were drunk. I also had a tattoo planned in my head for years and years and sent what I wanted to the artist. When I turned up on the day, it looked nothing like what I imagined but he’s such an amazing artist that I just went for it and trusted him. Totally worth it!

    1. Emma says:

      It is totally worth splashing out on an artist the designs they come up with are incredible

  4. Snacks. My biggest tip is snacks. My big tattoo was three and a half hours on my ribs and if it weren’t for fizzy sweets, Pringles and Capri-Sun I would have never managed it all.


    1. Emma says:

      I always regret forgetting snacks!

  5. Good tips there, I wanna get a whole sleeve! haha
    And I agree, good tattoos COST money. If it’s too cheap chances are it ain’t that good.

    Creepers & Cupcakes

    1. Emma says:

      Thanks babe, I would have so many if I could afford them

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