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Spending Time Not Money

I have been a little quiet recently but I have some pretty good excuses.

So what have I been up to?

I  helped organise and attended a banquet at Buckingham Palace (casual, I know), sorted out Pablo’s 30th birthday celebrations in London, Edinburgh and Brighton, started a second YouTube Channel and am still planning a month long trip around America, so I felt like I was entitled to a bit of a blogging break.

Buckingham Palace was completely surreal but of course an absolutely fabulous event, and showed the huge amount of support there is for the wonderful little naval charity I work for.

Though a once in a life time opportunity there was little time to process our night dining with royals as Pablo and I had to pack our bags and take a trip back up to Scotland for the first part of his birthday celebrations. This had been a huge source of anxiety for me as Pablo is a one off,  he understands my passions, supports my never ending stream of crazy ideas and spirit of adventure – which is a valiant task. On top of this he asks for very little in return, an occasional hug, some words of encouragement and to be fed, but that’s about it.

In typical Pablo fashion all he asked to have for his birthday was to hangout with his friends and spend time with his family with me by his side. This sweetness and lack of expectation made me want to make everything perfect but I was worried that with all my other commitments anything I planned was not going to be worthy of Pablo’s awesomeness.

Sitting in Leith, Edinburgh we finished up a family meal then the pub gradually filled with Pablo’s friends; each one he greeted with the same amount of warmth and delight which brought me back down to earth. It wasn’t about the cake or timings, food or decor – none of that shit mattered, what made him happy was all the incredible people who had made time to celebrate with him.

The night was a huge success and eased the pressure for the rest of his birthday celebrations. You may remember that back in June Pabs took me on a surprise trip to Berlin – which was incredible – but made me feel pressured to do something even more epic for such a milestone birthday.

I have always been driven by happiness rather than money, which is all well and good until you want to buy something! Unfortunately my funds could not stretch to going abroad so instead I booked a one night getaway to Brighton. Staying in our tiny colourful room at the Artist’s Residents hotel was a lovely break from London and was the first time that we had hung out minus laptops since Goa back in March (we are both workaholics). We didn’t get up to much but it was lovely just to spend some actual dedicated time with one another without distractions. The final part of Pablo’s birthday was much the same as the Edinburgh event: a casual evening in the pub surrounded by friends drinking, laughing and catching up.

This time of year it is especially easy to feel pressured to spend money in order to be part of the Christmas cheer, but though it sounds beyond cheesy I think that sometimes the best gift we can give one another is spending time together.




  1. Pablo sounds like such a lovely person, and I’m glad you guys managed to have some special time together for his birthday. I always try to spend time with family at Christmas, and I’m feeling a lot of pressure to visit everyone as it’s my first Christmas that I won’t be spending with all my family

    Steph – http://www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    1. Emma says:

      Navigating family can be so difficult at Christmas! I try and spread my visits throughout the year so that I get a chance to have a proper catch up.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more! And Pablo is a bloody wonderful human being, so I’m glad he has such an epic girlfriend to plan all that awesome stuff for him. Thanks for inviting me too!

    1. Emma says:

      Love you!! Thanks so much for coming

  3. Jess says:

    Wow it sounds like you’ve been having a lot of fun recently! Sounds like it’s been a crazy few weeks, no wonder you needed a bit of a break ^_^

    I completely agree, happiness is more important then money. I don’t like this time of year because like you say the pressure is real leaving you feeling you have to spend more. I find it one big financial stress. A am a bit of a grinch ha!

    1. Emma says:

      Its been chaos, so nice to finally chill out! I am a totally Grinch at Christmas mainly because I can’t be bothered with the spend spend spend message. Why can’t we just hang out and drink mulled wine?

  4. Honestly Aine says:

    Love this. Pablo sounds like a Legend, you’ve got a good one. It was so sweet that you cared so much that you were worried that your plans wouldn’t be enough. I really should make more time to hang out with friends more. Me & Simon have started doing Friday Films. Laptops are put down and we snuggle up on the sofa with a good film & pizza. He’s also a non-complaining wee legend that is chilled about all my madness.

    Honestly Aine

    1. Emma says:

      Friday films sounds perfect I need to be away from my laptop a little more next year

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