Pergola On The Roof Winter

Following the hugely successful summer edition of Pergola on The Roof it has returned for winter – but the white washed walls, pebble beach and vine leaves have been transformed into a Nordic style winter wonderland.

Pergola On The Roof Sign

Arriving at Pergola, I was pleased to see that they had improved the queuing system and our reservation allowed us to hop past the line and straight up to the rooftop of the old Television Centre. As soon as the doors opened the smell of pine and wood hit us, the trees lining the walk way was a stark contrast to my first visit, which was like stepping into the sun soaked Mediterranean.

Pergola Pine Tree

Diverting past the huge pine tree, Leanne and I entered the main food area and, though everything was in the same place, the light airy patio was now a dark forest, lit up with twinkly lights creating a fairytale like winter wonderland.

TV centre summer
TV Centre winer

Checking in online we received a free warm winter cocktail to add even more festive cheer. Taking a look through the menu placed on each table I was excited to see there were three new eateries on the list to check out.

Pergola on the roof bar


Whilst I was still umming and ahhing the rest of the table were more decisive and went straight for Le Bao to pick up a fluffy Taiwanese buns. Out of the pork, chicken and vegetable options the veggie selection won the highest praise and is definitely one I will be trying on my next visit.

Le Bao Pergoloa

Eventually, getting over choice paralysis I settled on a veggie dog from Danish resturant Snaps + Rye, which though was tasty was overpriced even by London standards – £9 for a couple of Quorn sausages in a bap with crispy onions.

Snaps and Rye pop up

Vegetarian hot dog

I eased my disappointment with some fries from crowd pleasing burger joint Patty and Bun, which has been with Pergola since opening.

Patty and Bun Pergola

Patty and Bun Fries

Though I was absolutely full by this point Leanne let me try some of her Smoked Chilli Hummus with Grilled Naan from Le Bab who are known for serving up gourmet kebabs. The dip and bread combo was utterly delicious and is another place I will be ordering from on my next visit.

Le bab pergola emma inks blog

naan and hummus le bab

By this point I was 100% done but Erica and Leanne managed to find room for a warm brownie, served with yogurt, and cranberries to add a little festive flare. This was also from Snaps + Rye and was much more impressive than my hotdog. Despite my poor food choice I had another great evening at Pergola On The Roof.


The Nordic theme was executed with such care and attention to detail, the popup space once again achieved creating an environment that felt like an escape from London despite it’s busy west location.

The winter popup is only around for 7 weeks so get in there quick if you want to experience a Nordic style Christmas without even having to hop on a plane.

My evening at Pergola was complementary however, as always, all opinions and words are my own and I would not have returned if I didn’t love it.


  1. misspond says:

    Shame the veggie option was v naff. The pitta and dip looked awesome though 🙂

    1. Emma says:

      I feel like maybe they were having an off day it’s still an amazing setting though

  2. It looks so cosy up there! Love the transformation of the space! I still need to try Le Bab!

    1. Emma says:

      Le Bab is so tasty you should totally check it out

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