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2016 Travel Roundup

I am finishing 2016 / starting 2017 travelling the US on a month long road trip. I love booking a trip away in December; not only is it a great way to finish the year but I always do my best thinking while away from the distractions of day to day life, leaving me feeling motivated for the start of the New Year.

I’ve been thinking a lot about 2016 whilst on the road and I told Pablo the other day that I felt like I hadn’t travelled enough and I wanted to do way more in 2017. He literally guffawed at this statement and told me to write down the places I had been last year and to rethink what I just said. So here they are all the places I ventured to last year;


Emma Inks mull travel

We started off the year in the isolation of the Isle of Mull. Shacked up in a huge house with some of our best friends laughing, drinking and eating until we physically couldn’t handle anymore was a perfect way to begin the year.

This trip also included a one night stay in Glasgow, seeing our friend’s newly purchased home, grabbing pizza at Paesano and exploring the East End reminded me of why it is one of my favourite cities.

Our friend’s wedding took us back to Dundee, the city that brought me and Pablo together, as well as them.

Later in the year we also popped back to see our friends and family in Edinburgh and Fife.

Edinburgh travel roundup 2016


This was the only big trip we planned for the year. Booking flights using the huge amount of points we had saved on both of our Lloyds air miles credit cards meant super cheap flights (which made up for all the additional expenses of visas, injections etc).

Goa India Travel Roundup 2016

India Goa Beach Sunset Travel Roundup 2016

We began our Indian adventure in the chaos of Mumbai, then switched to a slower pace in beach paradise Goa before heading to Delhi. This was the point where I got super sick which meant I missed out on the wonders of spiritual Varanasi, but Pablo assures me that it was crazily wonderful. This trip was full of brand new experiences and, despite getting so unwell, India is somewhere I would love to explore further.


Snowboarding Travel Roundup 2016

Our annual snow trip where 30 of us descend on the Alps. The week consists of skiing and snowboarding during the day and taking full advantage of apré in the evening. Not the most cultured getaway but always a mega fun week.


Ramones Berlin Travel Roundup 2016

A surprise birthday treat from Pablo, Berlin was a city I fell completely in love with. A perfect combination of art, history and self expression – this was the best birthday gift ever.


Amsterdam Travel Roundup 2016

Another birthday celebration took us to Amsterdam. My friend Gary decided to say goodbye to his 20’s in style by booking a swanky houseboat in Amsterdam. We drank, wandered the city and sampled some local delicacies making for a perfect chill out trip.



2016 was a year of weddings, this time taking us to Donegal for a stunning castle ceremony where we stayed in the cutest countryside bed and breakfast before taking a night to stay in Belfast.


Vienna Travel Roundup 2016

Since I was abandoning my mum over Christmas we took a trip together to Vienna. The city was absolutely stunning with its famous architecture and rich history, but also had a surprising modern side with awesome street art and plenty of cool independant cafés and bars.


Brighton Travel Roundup 2016

For Pablo’s birthday we took a one night stay in Brighton, one of my favourite cities in the U.K. With its fresh sea breeze and indie spirit, even in the depths of winter Brighton is always the perfect getaway from London.


Travel Roundup 2016 Citizen M

I know I live here but this year I fully embraced staycations with a night in Citizen M and Ibis, both in Shoreditch. Having a break without any travel was a great way to reset.



A road trip with Katy and Charlie to the Bloggers Blog Awards took us up north to Leeds. Though we didn’t see much of the city we took advantage of its close proximity to York and had a lovely day trip with an unofficial tour from Charlie who spent her student days living there.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Another month, another wedding. This time our friends transformed Yorkshire into a boho dream with an outdoor ceremony and a tee-pee reception.


Desert Travel Roundup 2016

This US trip is our bigger adventure of the year, I’m currently half way through our month on the road having already explored 7 states with another 5 to go. I am loving being on the open road and can’t wait to share my travel stories over the next few weeks. In case you can’t wait I’ve been daily vlogging on my new YouTube channel.


So I can fully enjoy this trip without worrying about finances I have no plans for 2017 (yet) but a few places that are high on my list include: Italy, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, New Zealand and New York (because I will never get enough of New York).

Maybe Pablo was right, on reflection I have squeezed in a few trips over the past year but travel is something I have an unquenching thirst for so and I still want to go on many more adventures in 2017.

Where are you venturing to next year?

If you want to keep up with my travels check out my new YouTube channel Emma Inks Adventures


  1. Wow it seems like you had such a fantastic year! I can’t wait to see more travel adventures by you! I didn’t travel much last year, only two places namely KL and Bali but I hope to travel to more places in 2017! The places I have in mind at the moment are Australia and Europe 😀

    http://skinnydecxflatte.blogspot.com xo

    1. Emma says:

      Bali is so high on my list it looks magical

  2. I think you probably feel that way because the majority of the days of the year you’re NOT travelling. That’s how I feel anyway!

    1. Emma says:

      I wish it was the opposite way round I was home for a bit but travlled the majority of the year

  3. Abby says:

    Emma, you have done some serious travelling this year haha! Kurt and I moved into our own home in June of this year so we had to put travelling on the back burner (although I did manage to squeeze Florida in at the beginning of 2016!). I am so ready for 2017 and all the travelling. I’m thinking a possible trip to Tignes in February too for some powder thrashing. You look like you’ve had a fab year and I can’t wait to see what you get upto this year. Happy New Year lovely! xx

    1. Emma says:

      Happy New year lovely! Setting up a new home is always an exciting time. So jealous you are heading to Tignes I am hoping to squeeze in a little snow time early this year

  4. Leanne says:

    I think once the travel bug hits no amount of travelling will ever be enough! x

    1. Emma says:

      It’s so addictive!!

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