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Finding Your Travel Packing Style

If you are a regular reader you might have noticed that I love to travel, but the one downside to globe trotting is: packing. It requires organisation and discipline, which are skills that are not natural to me. After making many many packing mistakes (including trying to backpack around the world  alone with a 32kg suitcase) I feel like finally I have found a packing style that works for me. These days, instead of ramming my case full of outfits for every occasion, I take classic staples that are suitable for anywhere and anytime of day.

This was one of my favourite outfits from our recent month long trip round America and I think best shows my new packing style.

Holiday Packing Style

This look is casual but works for day and night and is super comfortable; also, in my opinion, you can throw shades and a leather jacket on with anything and look instantly cooler.


I am rarely seen not wearing these jeans and purchase a pair from American Eagle each time I am in the States, except for this visit as they have stopped making them! Genuinely I don’t know what I am going to wear when they eventually give out on me, so if you have any ripped black jean suggestions please hit me up in the comments below.

Leaning against wall packing style

This jacket is another item that has barely been off my back since I purchased it spontaneously at an All Saints sample sale I stumbled upon in Brick Lane. All Saints may be a little pricey but their items wear wonderfully and, in my opinion, their leather gets better over time, stretching to fit perfectly.

Emma Inks style

This bodysuit is from Nobody’s Child, my new favourite online brand. I discovered these guys through Josie’s Blog Sick Chick Chic and they have become my go-to online store. I hate wastefulness with a passion and I hope that no one likes the idea of slave labour which are both problems with high street fast fashion. Nobody’s Child combats both of these issues creating high quality items, ethically, without breaking the bank.

Noboday's Child Holiday Packing

Another way I have made travelling a little easier is by wearing a watch that is still on UK time, I know that it is weird but it really helps with blog scheduling and feeling connected with home without doing the maths. This one is from Kartel*, a cool Scottish brand not only created in my homeland but also inspired by it. Kartel’s designs are clean, durable and comfortable, I wore this everyday on my travels round the states and it still looks brand new!

Kartel Watch Emma INks

I have finished this outfit off with my Rayban’s and Vans but I feel like I wear them so much on Instagram that you probably already know that they are firm favourites.

Rayban's Emma Inks Holiday packing

The pre-holiday shop is now something I completely avoid, preferring to take items I love and purchasing unique pieces form wherever I am visiting. Packing lightly also has the added bonus of having lots of space for holiday shopping avoiding those nasty excess baggage costs.

airbnb garden

Another key part of travel is accommodation and we totally lucked out with this garden which was the back yard of our Phoenix Airbnb. Seriously, I know I rave about it all the time, but Airbnb is my top service for holiday accommodation.

Going back to fashion – in a nutshell the key to successful packing is keeping it simple and comfortable (which, I will admit, is much easier when  you wear all black).

What is your holiday packing style?

*This watch was sent to me by Kartel but, as always, all opinions are honest and my own


  1. I love your style. I always think you look like the cool girl that everyone secretly wants to be! x

  2. Great outfit! I can totally see how it’d work for any occasion 😀

    1. Emma says:

      Thanks lovely

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