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I am a self confessed beauty lover; I don’t find makeup a chore and every morning I find the process of applying my face therapeutic. I love the possibilities of what I can look like each day depending on my mood or the occasion. I have spoken previously about how my relationship with makeup has changed over the years. As a child it was fun, then transformed into a mask to hide from the world, and now is a form of self expression.

My love for makeup was one of the reasons I started YouTube, I’m not really a flat lay kind of girl and didn’t feel like my beauty posts were translating well. Starting out my YouTube channel I was excited to get experimental, share my favourite products and the way I use them, but lately I have been questioning whether there is space for someone like me in the beauty side of blogging.

When I first started making beauty videos I was under no illusion that I was the prettiest girl out there, or even that I had the best makeup skills, but I felt like there were not many people like me online and that I could share my unique take on beauty. Now having made videos for 18 months I am feeling a bit lost with what I have to offer the YouTube and blog audience.

I know that I am quirky looking and people are not going to aspire to look like me and that I am a bit too much of a weirdo to be relatable, so where does that leave me? I know this sounds like I am fishing for complements but honestly I am not. I am pretty self aware and am totally fine with being an inbetweener, I am just not sure how that translates into the blogosphere.

I personally follow a wide range of beauty bloggers and YouTubers; from the internet famous who have millions of followers and a full team behind them, to those who are on a tight budget and film on their phone. I find variety inspirational and love seeing how different people from all walks of life express themselves though makeup, but is that what the wider audience really wants to see? Or do they only want to see traditional (or ‘on trend’) beauty? I am asking these questions because I have have no idea and I am using this space to vent the thoughts that have been swirling round in my head over the past few months.

Of course, creating content is not about the numbers (or I would have given up a long time ago) I make videos because I love having a creative outlet. At the same time one of the major benefits of sharing my life online is connecting with other people, and if no one is engaging it does make me question what the fuck I am doing.

I suppose I just feel a little lost right now as even though I love makeup I am not quite sure where I fit in within the community, but at the same time I have always been a bit of an outsider and it’s never stopped me before! It’s all so confusing.

I think I am going to take a break from beauty blogging/vlogging until I work out how to find my way to create content that stands out and is exciting because to me there is no point in doing something that no longer feels right. During this hiatus I am still going to be making videos and blogging but I think for now I am going to concentrate my efforts on London and Travel, as those are topics I never get bored or frustrated with.

I haven’t done a big old rambling post in a while so I just thought I would keep you up to date on what’s going on.

I would LOVE to know your thoughts on beauty blogging and YouTube. What content do you look for?


  1. Sarah says:

    Totally with you on this! I felt like beauty blogging could get quite tedious and competitive – always needing the latest to stay on trend, and just wasn’t me. I’ve taken a step back from it since the start of the year and experimenting with new things. I’m much more content with my blogging content now!

    1. Emma says:

      It’s so great to hear that you are happier with blogging now I think sometimes it juts takes a while to work out what sort of content you actually like to create.

  2. WhatLydDid says:

    Unfortunately I think the majority just want to see a small nosed, big eyed white girl talk about pink lipgloss and highlighter being a Spring look, but the minority who are willing to branch out into anything more unusual make for a better audience, because they too know how it feels to stand out. Your coloured hair means that you know the best protecting shampoos and cruelty free dyes, and your alternative vibe tells me that you know the perfect makeup to last through a sweaty gig!

    1. Emma says:

      Thanks babe! I defo have you covered with makeup that will last as long at the party as you can

  3. Laura grant says:

    Emma! I love your style I think it’s great and even if there’s just one person out there desperately trying to find someone who’s not a conventional beauty blogger you will be on hand to get them through! I struggle with engagement too like I literally get no comments on any of my blog posts (or very rarely) and it can get me down sometimes cause like you I would love to start up a conversation on the back of them but people tell me they read them and some people have told me they help them so I carry on. Plus I absolutely love writing and it’s more for me than anyone else lol. I say if it makes you happy keep it up 🙂 we need more people in the blogosphere that are alternative and happy to just be themselves!!! You’re fab xxx

    1. Emma says:

      You are bloody brilliant and I am 100% with you on doing things for happiness rather than likes

  4. Mosley London says:

    You’re beautiful chick. Keep making waves xx

    1. Emma says:

      Thanks babe you’re such a star and a total inspiration

  5. I was listening to a podcast or something (can’t remember) and this women was talking about how she knew someone who was older but didn’t like to show her hands in photos (for swatches) because she never saw old hands, so thought no one would like it. But the woman on the podcast said this is exactly why you need to show old hands, because you just don’t see it very much in the mainstream. So my point is that being yourself is a pretty powerful thing, because I’m sure there are plenty girls out there who love your style, and the way you do your makeup and find it super aspirational. Besides I love your aesthetic, even if it isn’t my own x

    1. Emma says:

      I love that story! I think you are totally right there needs to be more diversity in (everything) but also in the beauty blogging world but it often feels hard to break through when you’re not the norm

  6. Emma! Time for some real talk. You are right about some things. Beauty vlogging is a very oversaturated market, and it must be extremely difficult to figure out your place in all of that, amongst all the professionals and the girls with ALL OF THE SPARKLY STUFF OMG WHERE DID THEY GET THE MONEY FOR THE HAULS EVERY TWO DAYS THIS IS BLOWING MY MIND.

    BUT… you are wrong about a couple of things:
    1) “I know that I am quirky looking and people are not going to aspire to look like me”
    2) “I am a bit too much of a weirdo to be relatable”

    Nope. Just fucking no. These things are not what is holding you back. These are the things that will shoot you out of the fucking volcano and into the stratosphere because this is shit you’ve got THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS. Never talk shit about the stuff that sets you apart. At this point it’s pretty much impossible to to stand out and make an impact if you’re one of them, the shiny perky sparkly 16 year old empire builders. Luckily, you’re not one of them, you’ve got this entire alt rock goddess schtick going and dammit, there’s an audience for that. It might take a little bit more to find it, but once found they’re going to be engaged so hard you better put a ring on it.


    Sorry for the sporadic yelling throughout this. Needed to be said.
    Also, if some Freaky Friday shit goes down and I end up in your body I’m not swapping back. So there.


    1. Emma says:

      When I am rich I’m going to pay you to give me a pep talk every morning!!

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