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What Plan? – US Travel Diary 13

My travel diary has kind of gone off course over the past few days, we have now reached the half way point of our road trip and I think I just got a little tired.


The last place I left you was New Orleans, from there we drove to Memphis. The drive was yet another long, boring one with not much to report and we stayed in a small Airbnb in Cooper-Young, which I am pretty sure was haunted. Despite the ghosts the neighbourhood was pretty cool, with plenty of great eateries such as Aldo’s for pizza, The Beauty Shop for breakfast, Bar DKDC for beers and there was also a shop which was entirely filled with cats.


Our main purpose of visiting Memphis was so I could fulfill my childhood dream of visiting Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley.

I have had a long fascination with Elvis and seeing his house and belongings (including cars, planes, and costumes) was a real privilege. There was so much to see that the visit is far too long to include in this diary so I’ll save the story of Elvis’ home for another day, but let me just say it was even more weird and wonderful than I had ancipated.



After a relaxed couple of days we then moved onto Nashville where we would be spending New Year. The plan was to party hard at the famous Jack Daniels New Year celebrations but the rain was absolutely relentless. We tried our best to stay upbeat but ultimately gave up on the idea and made a last minute dash to Wholefoods, opting instead for a picnic dinner and some drinks in our cute Airbnb apartment instead of facing the crowds.


Snuggled up in our cute little apartment with plenty of wine and Netflix the time past quickly and soon it was time to welcome in 2017.  Though not the mad party I was expecting, bringing in the bells in another country with the man I love wasn’t a bad way to start the year; and we even managed to catch some fireworks. I know it might seem boring to skip a party because of the rain, but sometimes you’ve just got to know when to cut your losses and enjoy the little things in life.

I will admit our spirits had been dampened by the weather but it was a brand new year, so instead of moping we went into the city centre to explore the honky tonk bars, cowboy boot shops, and the Jonny Cash Museum. Even when blanketed by grey skies Nashville had a great upbeat atmosphere that was contagious.

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Though we didn’t party as hard as I expected in Nashville, it is magical city with plenty of great eateries, bars and friendly locals.

Oklahoma City

Feeling well rested after a slow week we hit the road for yet another long journey, and a one night stop off in Oklahoma.


There were a few stops on this trip that were simply to break up the driving and though Oklahoma was one of these we did manage to find a great pizza and craft beer place called The Edge to hangout in for the evening.

I had also made the happy accident of booking us into a huge suite with luxury facilities. Though I am more than happy to rough it, I will admit that I did enjoy a good session in the modern gym and a long rest in our king size bed after being cramped in the car for so long.

Cadillac Ranch

The next day was yet another long drive, but was broken up by a stop off at the Cadillac Ranch – a public art instillation in Amarillo, Texas. Clambering on paint covered cars and eating cold pizza was a pretty fun way to spend the afternoon but it was soon time to get driving again.



Today it was Pablo’s turn to descend into madness and as we drove along the highway suddenly he changed course heading towards Route 66! Soon realising that we would be adding hours to our journey we made a u-turn back towards the dull highway.

As we drove towards the exit an abandoned petrol station appeared on our right; always embracing the weird we hopped out and explored these haunting surroundings. There were many places that were left deserted along the roads we travelled and it was both eerie and fun to stretch our legs and take some pictures of the old service station. The next few hours were mainly spent theorising what had happened to the old Shell garage; my conclusion was that it was, of course, something to do with Aliens.


This was one stop I was actually really excited for, it’s the home of Breaking Bad and I had a list of awesome recommendations from Amanda (of Rhyme and Ribbons) to check out. We were tired from a long 10 hours of being in the car but after such a boring few days I was desperate to go out and have some fun so we quickly freshened up and grabbed a cab to Sister Bar. If I lived in Albuquerque this would be where you would find me: cheap beer, vintage pin ball machines, great music, awesome locals, and amazing $3 tacos – what more could a girl want?


The next morning I woke up with such a bad headache I could barely move, I know what your thinking but I had only had two beers the night before so it definitely was not a hangover. Even though I was desperate to go out exploring my body wouldn’t allow it which meant a very unexpected day in bed for me.

I should know by now that when travelling it’s super important to rest, but despite feeling ill for over a week I just kept pushing through until I reached this point of being bed ridden with a severe sinus infection in the high altitude


After 16 hours of Food Network on a loop, and lots of sleep, I felt well enough to grab some breakfast at Java Joe’s (aka Tuco from Breaking Bad’s hideout) and see Jesse Pinkman’s house, but that was all I could squeeze in on our tour of Albuquerque before we were back in the car for what we expected to be a 10 hour journey to Zion but things went even more off course … to be continued



Our trip had somehow gone completely off plan (there wasn’t really that much of a plan in the first place, to be honest) but the thing you realise when you travel a lot is that no adventure will ever go exactly like how you expect it, and either you can dwell on what you wanted it to be or make the most of where you’ve ended up.


  1. Ahhh so dreamy, your trip sounds amazing! I’m longing to visit America 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Emma says:

      I couldn’t recommend a trip to america more such an awesome place to explore

  2. Rachel Waugh says:

    Wow, looks like you’re having an awesome time seeing so much! Love seeing lots of photos of places I’ve never been.

    1. Emma says:

      It was such an awesome trip I really want to go back already

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