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Las Vegas US Travel Diary 15

It was time to swap the tranquility of Zion for the bright lights of Las Vegas.

Having had such great breakfast at Oscars café the day before we went back for a seconds and were once again not disappointed with our massive plates of fresh food. Before we hit the highway again I insisted on one little detour to a Ghost Town on the edge of Springdale.

At the end of a dusty track stood a few houses and a church which had one been inhibited by mormons who tried, but unfortunately failed, to grow cotton. Though nothing untoward had happened in the small village, creeping around the desolate houses was eerie.

After a short explore, and freaking myself out, we were once again back in the car. This stretch we listened to Ru Paul’s podcast What’s The T? were he and Michelle talked about New York with Blondie. The journey went quickly and after a few loops of the confusing Las Vegas strip filtering systems we finally parked up and made our way to the New York New York Hotel.

Already having issues checking in, the place was a massive disappointment. This was meant to be a treat after so much driving, but the drinks package I had paid for seemed to be a mystery to everyone, the room was dated and didn’t have the strip view I had paid for, and the staff were rude and completely unhelpful.

Trying not to let our substandard accommodation get us down we got ready to hit the strip. Feeling forgiving we gave the hotel one last chance and went down to the casino. After an hour of being ignored by the waiting staff I’d had it, so Pablo and I took our business elsewhere spending our time in the much friendlier casinos within Paris, The Bellagio, Caesars Palace and The Flamingo.

Working up an appetite after a few hours of drinking I took Pablo for his first ever Cheesecake Factory, which went down a storm. The plan was to eat then party, but both of us were still tired from hiking the day before. So acting like true rockstars we grabbed another beer, strolled through Planet Hollywood and the MGM Grand before heading back to our depressing hotel room where we ate cheesecake in bed.

The last time we were in Las Vegas we were there to bring in the New Year, which was a wild way to start 2015. Though nothing could beat the trip with our best friends staying in a penthouse, Vegas had lost none of it’s buzz, and the strip was jumping with people looking for a good time. Though neither Pablo and I are big gamblers or party animals there is so much to see in Las Vegas that it didn’t matter and we were kept throughly entertained.

Our previous trip left me so incapacitated after a very merry Hogmanay I barely saw any of the city in the daytime. So this trip I wanted to make up for my past indiscretions and got up early and (almost) hangover free to enjoy the day. First up was breakfast today we headed to Della’s Kitchen in the Delano for a delicious start to the day before making our way along to join our 1pm tour of the Neon Museum.

Usually we are all about ordering cabs from our phone but getting confused about how the hell we should leave the hotel we finally made our way out the labyrinth and jumped in the first taxi we saw at the hotel lobby. This was a BIG mistake; although the driver himself was lovely and got us from A to B safely, it was beyond expensive. Hopping out at the Neon Museum we both felt a little stung by our naivety but didn’t let it get us down. After a quick peruse of the shop and reception area it was time to join our group and super peppy tour guide. I don’t want to give too much away as a full post will be coming later, but if you are planning a trip to Vegas I would highly recommended to book onto a tour, it was really fun and informative.

Getting a much more reasonably priced Lyft cab back to the strip, we had a relaxed afternoon before getting ready to go and see Criss Angel Mindfreak in the Luxor hotel. I have been unashamedly in love with the rockstar, biker, illusionist since I was a teenager.

I swear time runs differently in Vegas and before we knew it we had to pick up our tickets, grab dinner, and get seated all in an hour. This gave us little choice on where to eat so we joined happy hour at T&T to chow down on tacos and margaritas before running down to the auditorium. The hallway leading to the theatre was like hallway in a mansion with plush red carpets, but instead of being decorated with oil paintings there were glass incased motorbikes and pictures of Criss Angel’s most daring stunts.

The show was everything I wanted, and more; it was loud, in your face, funny, and totally rocked. It was 90 minutes of non-stop entertainment with insane illusions, a cast of talented performers complimented with insane lightening effects, 3D immersive effects, live musicians and audience participation. Criss was so high energy that I hadn’t quite processed what was going on before the next illusion started and my mind was 100% freaked.

With so much to take in we went for another drink to calm our nerves after such an exhilarating experience and to talk through what we had just witnessed. I decided that it was 100% magic where as Pablo, who is a little more practical, tried to dissect each illusion and explain them rationally, which of course he couldn’t because Criss Angel is an extraordinary rock wizard.

Though we had a disappointing start to our stay, Sin City never let us down and as we packed our bags to head for Yosemite I was desperate for more debauchery.


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  1. Claire says:

    Vegas, man. Such a fave. This quote “which of course he couldn’t because Criss Angel is an extraordinary rock wizard.” made me laugh and laugh!

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