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Tips For Customising Band Tee’s

Band tee’s have been a solid staple in my wardrobe since I was a teenager: dressed up with leather trousers, a skirt to go out, chucked on with hot-pants at a festival or even to sleep in, there doesn’t seem to be a time when band tee’s don’t work.

I do need to confess that I am a bit of a band shirt snob in the sense that I refuse to wear a band that I don’t genuinely love, so when fast fashion brands started creating lines of t-shirts with my favourite brands emblazoned across the front I wasn’t sure how I felt. Part of me was delighted that I could add to my collection and instead of the typical band tee that I picked up at gigs or websites they came in a variety of styles and shapes making them even more versatile.

The downside is that the easy accessibility of such cool printed t-shirts meant that more people were wearing them. Though I wear black 90% of the time, my style is a representation of me and there is something pretty depressing about standing next to a younger, hotter model wearing an almost identical outfit and who just bought their band tee  for the cool print, rather than their love of music.

To combat this issue Boohoo invited me along to an intimate event where a bunch of total blogger babes and I got to customise our own band tee’s from their new band tee range.


Before the crafting commenced we got to take a look at some of Boohoo’s summer range; below are my top picks, but whether you are going on holiday, staying at home, or heading to a festival this summer, they have a great selection to suit every style.


Peeling myself away from the rails of clothing it was time to start customizing our choosen t-shirts.


Sitting down I was a little nervous to make the first cut, the last crafting event I went to I walked out of because I found the process so frustrating and I did not want a repeat performance. With some photo inspiration and encouragement from the girls I soon got into the swing of things.

My first attempt was this cool AC/DC t-shirt, the 80’s style bright blue and purple print called to me from across the room. I started off small just cutting off the sleeves, which eventually ended up as a muscle tank with side slits and a blinged out lightning bolt.

IMG_0902 Untitled-4

Next up I selected a Nirvana number, to add to my collection of 90’s riot girl inspired tops. Feeling pretty confident by this point I just went in with the scissors cutting off the neck then adding slit and rips wherever I felt like it. There was very little process to my designs, but I had so much fun creating two new looks. Around the room we all had completely different styles showing that with a few snips of the scissors, studs, and fringing it is easy to create something unique.

IMG_5266 (2)

Just incase you are also not a natural crafter here are some of the tips I picked up from my customising experience:

Go Large

If you get a larger sized shirt you have more room to play with and hopefully, even if you are too enthusiastic with the scissors, you will still have enough material left to wear it after.

Start Small

I am always tempted to go straight in like Edward Scissor Hands when customising but this time I started snipping small meaning that any mistakes I made were much easier to recover from.

Look Up Designs

Not the creative type? Find inspiration online. There are some amazing creative YouTubers out there who not only give you ideas but, if you are really stuck, you can also follow along.

Measure Before You Cut

With my AC/DC t-shirt I played it safe; I tried on the top and worked out how far I should cut down the side, whereas by the time I got to the Nirvana one I got cocky and just went for it. This almost ended up with a hole right across my nipple! Though I can just about get away with my risky slashes next time I am definitely marking out areas I don’t want to flash with some chalk.

Get The Right Equipment

Anytime I have tried to customise my clothes I have taken a very slap dash approach, grabbing the scissors that are closest to me and some Pritt Stick. This has left me with raggy edges and studs peeling off my new garment. Having sharp fabric scissors and actual fabric glue made such a huge difference and though I wouldn’t say my work was professional it was miles better than anything I have created at home.

Grab A Friend

This one might not be for everyone but I found that being with a bunch of other people to share ideas with and to help me with my fat fingers made customising my band tee way more fun than getting frustrated at my lack of ability home alone.

Though I have done a little customising in my time, my band tee’s usually come straight from the gig or are vintage so have a much higher price point or are limited edition, which makes me cautious about chopping them up. The range at Boohoo are totally affordable and start from as little as £6, so even if you are a little haphazard then it’s not too much of a financial loss if you mess it up. So, if you’re like me and love a band tee but still want to stand out from the crowd, then why not get your scissors out and give customisation a go.

* The evening and both t-shirts were provided complementary of BooHoo and I am under no obligation to share my experience with you guys; I have done so because I honestly think that they have a great range on offer.


  1. mrsp84 says:

    These looks great! I always find band t-shirts are far too big (I’m not a fan of the baggy look) so I usually cut the sleeves and neck off and then snip tassels down the sides which I can then tie up making the t-shirt more fitted. They look a bit rough and haphazard but I think that’s part of the charm. Also, you know you’re getting old when high street stores start selling t-shirts for bands you loved as a teen…scary…

    1. Emma says:

      Wow sounds like you get really creative! I think band t-shirts should look a little lived in it’s totally part of the style

      1. mrsp84 says:

        Absolutely. I’m going to keep mine for if I ever have kids then they can have the originals (if they happen to be Last Shadow Puppets/Alvvays/Oasis etc etc fans anyway) x

  2. Sarah says:

    I love customising my band t-shirts! What better way to add your own mark to your style than taking some scissors to your clothes! 😛

    1. Emma says:

      Totally agree I just wish I was a little better at it

  3. I’m exactly the same with band t-shirts – I love the designs and fit of fast fashion ones, but do get a little annoyed with people wearing them who don’t like the band – or worse, don’t even realise they’re a band… (“Rolling Stones is my new fave clothing brand!!!” #overheardinH&M…)

    1. mrsp84 says:

      Ha! A friend of mine once asked “what’s Roxy Music?” whilst wearing a shirt featuring one of their album covers. Once we laughed and explained, he never wore the shirt again!

      1. Emma says:

        Aww bless at least they asked

    2. Emma says:

      Stop no you didn’t hear that!!! You never know maybe it will introduce a younger generation to awesome music

  4. Claire says:

    Love your designs!

  5. Leanne says:

    That Nirvana tee is so you, I LOVE IT <3 x

    1. Emma says:

      I’m so obsessed with it even though I did get a little scissor happy

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