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7 Reasons I Love Halloween

You might have clocked this already, but halloween is hands down my favourite holiday. As a child I used to get so excited on the run up to this spooktacular season in my family it was affectionately known as halloweeeeeee. Maybe it’s my celtic heritage, as Halloween started just across the water as the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, or maybe I am just a spooky bitch by nature – but whatever the reason, Halloween remains my favourite celebration.

Emma Inks Halloween

You can be anyone

Halloween is the one night of the year you can be whoever you want to be. In the past I have paid tribute to some of my favourite females like Buffy and Lady Gaga, kept it traditional with classic witch and vampire looks, and made some really weird shit up like being a witches dog with a bone broomstick and a roller girl from Hell’s Kitchen. It’s the time of year where being crazy creative is celebrated, so I say go for it!

Halloween Pumpkin patch Emma Inks

Emma Inks spider web details


I’ve always loved delving into my my makeup and experimenting but halloween is my time to take that to the next level. With the ever growing popularity of YouTube and Instagram I feel like Halloween makeup has gone above and beyond this year and I have loved finding so much inspiration and people really pushing themselves. I think that many people get intimidated by halloween makeup, thinking it will be expensive or difficult but I say dive right in there and get creative – halloween is meant to be fun. If you wanna see how I created this look, it’s over on my YouTube channel as well as some skeleton face fun with Maryam.

Emma Inks Halloween Pumpkin


Halloween is the time of year when I do the most interior decor shopping, because no matter what season it is I love my house to be filled with skulls and black candles. On top of this, we also have a collection of more seasonal halloween decorations. It’s such a fun tradition: popping on some classic scary movies on the background, drinking blood (red wine), and transforming the house into a haunted house for a couple of weeks

Emma ink halloween

emma inks pumpkin haybale

Wearing; Jumper Mary Wyatt London, Skirt – Old but similar at Mary Wyatt London, Boots Dr Martens, Tights – Gypsy*, Makeup – Urban Decay Naked Heat* 


Now this might sound strange, but I cannot do horror movies in the cinema, I have far to much of an overactive imagination and feel way too on edge, but at home with a bucket of popcorn and goblet of blood (again, wine) I am in my happy place. If you’re looking for some recommendations, I shared some of mine last year.

Emma Inks halloween outfit

Let your inner freak flag fly without judgement

I swear I was born a total oddball, drawn to all things dark and different – and halloween seemed like the one day of the year where everyone finally understood the things I loved and I finally fitted in. This was especially important to me when I was younger, I hadn’t come to embrace my unique qualities as positive yet and loved that one day of the year when I felt normal and accepted by my peers. Now I give less of a fuck about what people say, however I think it is nice there is a time where people’s dark side is celebrated.


Since going vegan I’ve had to give up on my beloved pumpkin spice lattes but everything else pumpkin is still on the table. Picking my pumpkin is always an exciting trip, but this year we took it a step further and drove to a pumpkin patch, where I was in my element. Who knew that they came in so many shapes sizes and colours! Admittedly, I got caught up in the moment and went way overboard, so I’m going to have to get my cauldron out and cook up some curries, soups and a risotto because I hate food waste. Another thing I hate is pumpkin carving; I love the thought and the end result, but bloody hell it takes so much time and is a full blown workout!

Emma Inks halloween pumpkins


There ain’t no party like a halloween party! From school discos to epic house parties there has not been a year where I’ve not been to a halloween party. At uni, Pablo’s flat mate and I would spend weeks planning the decor for their Skins style house parties, which always went down a treat. Now our friends Jonny and Michela have taken the the reigns, offering their flat up for a ghoulish gathering. It’s so much fun getting dressed up and playing at being big kids for the night, dooking for apples (I think English people call it apple bobbing?), comparing costumes and having a few too many adult treats (drinks).

Pumpkin Patch london

What are your favourite things about halloween? Do you have any fun traditions? 

*Items received as gifts but only mentioned because I love them

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