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Emma Inks Designs has dropped and holy shit I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am to finally share my latest project with you.

What Is Emma Inks Designs?

Emma Inks Designs Card Set

For now it is set of 4 greetings cards, which I know doesn’t seem like a lot considering I quit my job 3 months ago but I really wanted this first collection to be right. I went through many designs and overcame overwhelming amounts of self doubt and finally after many pep talks got the courage to press print.

Something that has been unexpectedly hard is actually putting my drawings out into the world. Art has always been an escape for me and something I have loved since I was a child so sharing it somehow felt more raw than anything else I have done before.

I know that seems super deep when talking about cards but there is a strange vulnerability in opening up a part of myself I have kept private for so long.

Emma Inks Designs Party Blower Skull Card

As with this blog my designs will focus on things that inspire me including, tattooing, rock music, biker style, street art and travel with a focus on skulls.

These cards are just the beginning of Emma Inks Designs and I am already looking to the future. Each design has created A3 so can easily be made into high quality prints. The Christmas card collection is coming next week, I have also completed a colourful collection for the new year.

Then Depending on sales, hopefully I will be able to branch out into wrapping paper, pins, patches, and more! Each sale will fund the next collection so it really all depends on sales for how quickly my little brand will expand but I’m up for the challenge.

Why Greetings Cards?

Emma Inks Designs Gothic Card Set

Here’s the strange thing on the whole I am not a fan of greetings cards, I find many of them too cutesy, cheesy or impersonal. This is of course not true for all cards there are some amazing greetings cards designers out there, I’m going to do a roundup of some of my favorites soon but two include my great friends Mosley London and XOXO Designs by Ruth.

When the idea of quitting my job first came about all I knew was that I wanted to draw and after a good old google and then many trips into Paperchase I noticed that there was a gap in the market for gothic greetings cards with a fun twist. This style of design totally played to my strengths, my obsession with skulls and dark sense of humour. I had played around with many ideas but when I started drawing this set it just felt right.

Emma Inks Designs Patry Skull Card

Another plus point is that cards are relatively low cost to produce when meant that it was a lower financial risk and something I could actually afford to create. After quitting my job with no savings and no plan other than to be my own boss and draw, money was tight but that wasn’t going to stop me from following my dream.

Another bonus of creating low cost yet high quality pieces are that most people can afford one which I think is awesome. Growing up I always thought art was for rich people and out of my reach so making accessible pieces is important to me. I have already had a few people say that they are going to purchase some of my cards to frame. The thought of someone taking the care to put something I drew and carefully encase it in glass is so unbelievably heartwarming.

What Next?

Emma Inks Designs Card Set

As I mentioned above I see this first collection as very much a starting point both in terms of designs and as a business. Right now I am selling solely on Etsy and through my blog but I hope to expand out to other online and physical retailers as well as market stalls when I have more product. Though I have experience in many fields including retail this is all very new to me so will take time and a lot of effort to grow but I am up for the task.

These past few months have been some of the most challenging in my adult life I have been trying to set this up whilst battling illness (you can read all about that story in my monthly roundup), and some other major adult stresses that I am not quite willing to share yet. So though it has been slower than I would have liked Emma Inks Designs is here and I am not ashamed to say that I am super proud of myself for pulling it off.

Being my own boss is a massive learning curve and I know there will be ups and downs but I am so excited for this new chapter in my life.

Emma Inks Designs Skeleton Hand Card

For those of you who have already shown me so much love and support I genuinely want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Just incase you want to make a purchase you can do through my Etsy by going direct or the shop tab on here. If you can’t afford a card right now or it’s not your style it would be amazing if you’d do me a solid and favourite my shop or share the news.

With everything that’s been going on I totally forgot to celebrate my 3rd blog birthday and my 2nd YouTube birthday so as a small way to say thank you for your support with both of these and the birth of Emma Inks Designs I’m giving you the chance to win my current favourite palette, Saint and Sinner by Kat Von D!

I know there is a whole bunch of options here don’t worry none of them are mandatory enter which every way you like. Good Luck!!

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