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Weekly Update #2 Finding Balance

I’ve talked about my struggle with finding balance on the blog many times before, I’m an all in or all out kind of gal. This intense personality trait is something I have been trying to work on for years but has become even more important since being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The Doctors call this balancing act pacing where you plan your week to allow for rest after activity. This approach is totally logical but when I was finally feeling like myself again for the first time in forever I embraced my new found energy and had 4 days of fun back to back.

Those few days of feeling well again were glorious and despite the fatigue hangover that left me in bed most of Monday and Tuesday it was worth it.

This sudden surge of energy also allowed me to finally get my Christmas Card Collection up on my Shop which I am super proud of and are selling unbelievably well with only very limited stock left!

Pablo and I are both guilty of being all go, which is great because even on a slow week we achieve a lot but the flip side to this constant business is that we often forget to stop and appreciate our achievements. Can you believe we haven’t even taken a beat to cheers my new venture? Finding a work life balance is 100% we both need to work on especially coming up to the festive season or we run the risk of turning into full blown Scrooges.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

December is so close, the Christmas decorations are up all over London, and the present buying panic had begun!

I usually like to have a day when I purchase all my presents in one go at Selfridges but with limited time and money this year I’ve scaled back and joined in with the Black Friday hype.  There was no way I was going to tackle the shops on the actual day but I do like to see gifts IRL before I buy so I took a trip to Stratford to peruse the shops before the madness hit.

As I mentioned last week I was super excited about Weekday opening in Stratford and even though I was meant to be window shopping for others I fell into the new store and came out with the awesome oversized hoodie I’m wearing in these shots.

Nearing the festive period I much prefer to give than receive so it seemed like the perfect time for a charity clearout. The rule was if I haven’t worn or used it in a year then it was time to say goodbye. With Pablo’s help we managed to give almost 20 bags of clothes, shoes, books and DVDs to the British Heart Foundation who even came and picked it up for us.

Not only do I feel great having cleared out so much stuff that we didn’t need and giving it to such a fantastic charity but also I came across items I forgot I had like this Moschino jacket I picked up from TK Maxx in the summer.

Cyber Week

Though I was restrained with clothing during Black Friday I was not so well behaved when it came to makeup.

I find beauty products so hard to resist because I know that I will buy them full price later, so I splashed the cash on some staple items to save future me money.

First up was The Ordinary, I absolutely love this foundation so picked up another bottle as well as the much raved about primer.

I also got my Urban Decay must haves the Naked Concealer and All Nighter Setting Spray so my base is sorted this season.

Even the more “Treat Yo Self” items I got were semi sensible picking up a set of Nanshy brushes to replace my beloved but recently deceased Real Techniques set.

Last on the online shopping spree was Illamasqua where I picked Extinct Gift Set, which I had been gagging for since last year. This beautiful box included a their Gleam Highlighter in Aurora, Contouring Gel Sculpt which is perfect for travel and a Round Buffing Highlighter Brush to apply my chiseled look with ease. As well as the box of goodies I order their stunning Lava Lipstick in Rebirth and a black nail varnish which are both total winter staples.

I also got some great deals on Christmas beauty gifts but I can’t reveal them incase some of the recipients are reading.


On Wednesday I took a little jaunt along the Regents canal with Natasha to meet up with Leanne at my old favourite Stour Space. After getting educated about tea from a very enthusiastic staff member we had a much needed catch up. Isn’t it amazing after a few hours having a good old chat and you feel like you can take on the world?

One of the best pieces of advice I was given when it comes to friendships is to take note of how you feel after spending time with people and with both of these awesome ladies I always leave their company feeling inspired and uplifted.

Pablo and I kept our promise of reserving Friday night for a date so after a quick pint with his team on Broadway Market we strolled along to Bethnal Green to check out 90 Melt a chilled out vegetarian diner with delicious american classics like corndogs and buffalo wings with a vegan twist.

After our epic house clearout on Saturday we needed fuel so headed along to Essence Cuisine a raw food vegan cafe, that is plant-based chef Matthew Kenney’s latest venture. The decor is minimalist and elegant but the environment is relaxed, there was even a big fluffy dog strolling around on our visit.

Raw vegan food may sound like a boring salad bar the menu is hugely varied, Pablo and I shared the Green Curry (made up of kelp noodles napa cabbage curry cashews shaved carrots and sprouts) and Raw Pad Thai (kelp noodles, marinated kale, tamari almonds and lime.) Though not your traditional thai fare both dishes were absolutely rammed with flavour and tasted far too good to be that healthy. 

This week there is a few things on in London that I’m pretty excited about including;

Landscape of optical illusion’ at the House of Vans

Etsy Made Local in Shoreditch

The London Illustration Fair

Too Faced Store opening in Carnaby Street

On The Internet

Zoe London – Zoe’s blog was one of those that inspired me to hit publish on my first post and now I have the honour of featuring in her list of Alternative Style Bloggers and Youtubers You Need to Follow along with a bunch of incredible bloggers!

In The Frow – Victoria consistently puts out incredible content on her blog, instagram and YouTube but I am fully obsessed with her american travels right now.

When two of your favourite ladies go to one of your favourite cities you know magic is going to happen. Charlie (@charliedistracted) and Charley’s (@captaincharleyy) Glasgow adventures did not disappoint. Following along with their trip on instagram has been an absolute joy.

Honeypop – Looking for something different this Christmas? Amanda has put together an epic list of 100 Scottish Independent brands

Just A Uniform – Siobhann (@justauniform) is so close to hitting 10k if you’re not already following this stunning vibrant account you are seriously missing out!


So that’s my week, what have you guys been up to?

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