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Weekly Update #3 – Shoreditch Staycation

After almost a week of no heating or hot water in the middle of winter we said enough is enough and on Saturday morning booked an unexpected Shoreditch staycation!

I spoke last week about how shockingly bad we are at slowing down, so this forced staycation was actually a blessing in disguise. Laptops were put to one side for 24 hours, we talked without distractions, and enjoyed the night snuggled up watching movies and actually letting ourselves relax.

Emma Inks Weekly Update Shoreditch House

Stopping for just one night I felt like my body and mind had been invigorated. I used to think that a staycation seemed pointless and extravagant, until I had my first one last year and now I am a huge advocated for taking a break, even if it is only down the road – that feeling of escapism, for me, is priceless. 

Enjoying Shoreditch

Emma Inks Weekly Update Shoreditch House Hotel

I have spoken before about my rollercoaster relationship with this part of East London. It is where I first fell in love with the city, but has changed so much over the past three years that sometimes I barely recognise it. 

If you have seen my weekly vlog already you’ll have had a glimpse at the glorious hotel room. Though it seemed extra luxurious, one of the benefits of Pablo’s Soho House membership is that we get a  discounted rate on their stunning rooms, and it ended up being more or less the same price as a Travelodge. The room was so beautifully decorated and well equipped that it was hard to tear myself away, but I was evetually lured out with the promise of brunch. 

The location on Club Row was incredibly central and right across the street Barber and Parlour. I love this warehouse style space, though it is a little pricey the multi-use gives it a great vibe: housing a cinema, barbershop, store, and café you get a good varied clientele and is always buzzing. The brunch was on the expensive side, but the they did serve up a mean tofu scramble and vegan chilli, which we of course shared. 

Emma Inks Weekly Update Boots

The rest of the day was spent enjoying our swanky surroundings back at the hotel where I used every single one of the Cowshed products that were neatly lined up in the huge shower and marble worktop. Fully pampered, and smelling like all the essential oils, we headed out for a low-key dinner at Pizza Pilgrims, which in my opinion you cannot go wrong with.

There are many great bars to choose from in Shoreditch, but I wanted to get back in to my fluffy robe and watch a movie, so like true rockstars we called it night and spent our wild Saturday watching free hotel movies with a bottle of Malbec. 

Emma Inks Weekly Update Shoreditch Window

The next the morning I woke up feeling fully refreshed and after slothing around in our super comfy bed for longer than I should’ve I finally got up and had yet another shower. Whilst I doused myself in more products Pablo popped next door to grab an Allpress coffee to go with our little complimentary breakfast. The cold pressed juice was so delicious I couldn’t make up my mind if I preferred the green or ginger combos so drank some of both, I stupidly forgot to tell the hotel that I can’t have dairy so was unable to eat my granola and yoghurt, which was totally fine and meant we had to go out for second breakfast.

Emma Inks Weekly Update Shoreditch Shutter

Once again, despite the huge variety of brunch options in Shoreditch, we went back to my old favourite The Book Club where I ordered the huevos rancheros without the huevos (egg). I keep coming back to this place because it’s super chilled out, reasonably priced, and the artwork continuously changes making you feel like you step into a different café with each visit. The events program is also amazing and always changing and is absolutely worth checking out.

One night of staying smack bang in the middle of Shoreditch once again reassured me that my love affair with this part of East London is not yet over.

Elsewhere in London

Emma Inks Weekly Update Shoreditch The Book Club

The rest of the week was spent indoors working away as usual, however Friday was Pablo’s birthday so we both took a break to go out for a favourite meal – brunch.

Pablo’s company recently moved offices to near the Broadway Market area so we thought we’d try one of his new local joints: New Zealand owned Bach. This bright little café served up great avocado on toast with a generous helping of chilli which was topped off with a cup of aforementioned Allpress coffee. The menu had plenty of options and is always changing, adding fresh seasonal dishes daily. Bach had a real neighbourhood vibe and is definitely somewhere I want to become a regular at.

Emma Inks Weekly Update Shoreditch Pure Evil Gallery

After going back to the daily grind I return to the area to meet for dinner. With time in short supply just now we didn’t want to waste it on somewhere that might not be great, so instead headed back to one of our joint favourites Club Mexicana at Pamela’s in Dalston. I’ve already reviewed this fully vegan Mexican restaurant, but it once again got two thumbs up from the birthday boy, which is high praise considering he is half Mexican and not a vegan. 

Adulting is hard

Emma Inks Weekly Update Shoreditch

The rest of the  weekend was spent hard-core adulting: going to B&Q and continuing operation clearout. With the end of the year fast approaching work is busy, so after our one night away we have both fallen back into the routine of barely seeing each other, but that’s just the price you pay for doing what you love.

It’s nice to see that all this hard work is paying off and my mini empire has been going pretty well – only a few Christmas cards left. If they do sell out I’ll be able to afford the printer I want and start selling prints as well as cards!

Weekday everyday

Emma Inks Weekly Update Shoreditch Essence

My obsession with Weekday continues with this starry shirt, which I paired with boots I bought last year in New Look, last seasons leggings from Zara, and a jacket which I picked up in Austin from my favourite ever boutique: Golden Bones. With new items being constantly advertised to us, sometimes it’s hard to remember that fashion isn’t all about getting spendy, it’s about styling.

Emma Inks Weekly Update Shoreditch

Confession time; this is the only day this week I wore a remotely nice outfit, the rest of the time I’ve been living in my Weekday hoody from last week’s post, leggings, and band Tees because that is my serious get-shit-done outfit

My beauty routine has also been pretty stripped back after my Cyber Week splurge, however after our little staycation and getting to try ALL the Cowshed products, I couldn’t stop myself from going home without picking up a few of my favourites. If you want, check out the rest of my monthly favourites on YouTube

People on the Internet

Emma Inks Weekly Update Shoreditch Do Not Trust Robots

Sorry my life has been a little dull this week but there are plenty of other people on the Internet who are much more entertaining than me, some of my current favourites are;

Fifi’s Looking Glass – Fifi was brave enough to open up about her eating disorder recovery in her most recent GRWM 

Darcie – I mentioned Darcie’s awesome gothic blog on here a few weeks ago but I was absolutely thrilled to be included as part of her “Gothmas” series.

Emily Underworld – I was delighted that Emily won my recent Kat Von D giveaway and loved reading her review about how she’s getting on with the Saint and Sinner Palette.

Talking about giveaways, check out my pinned tweet for your chance to make another one of my favourite palettes yours.

Masha Sedgwick – Masha has one of my favourite fashion Instagram accounts and blogs: dark, moody, but still absolutely stunning.

Peter McKinnon -I am planning to up my content game next year again, so am always on the hunt for great photography and filming tips. Peter does this in an informative, but entertaining, way. On top of his awesome advice, his vlogs are also stunning and he just seems like the nicest dude ever. It’s easy to see how he got his first million subs in only 9 months!

I’m skipping out on vlogmas this year because life got real serious real quick and I don’t want to bore you, but please share your favourite Christmas content creators below as I want to follow along with the festive cheer.

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