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Weekly Update #5 – 2018 The Year of Growth

As predicted by Kylie Jenner, 2017 really did seem to be the year of “like, realising stuff”. For me I realised I was unhappy and had to make some big life changes, but now with all that grown up stuff out the way I want to expand on those tough choices and for 2018 to be my year of growth.

Resolutions to live by

One of the reasons I never make resolutions is that so often they seem to be focus on less of things (less weight, less alcohol, less spending etc etc) and I don’t want to live a restricted life but rather one filled with abundance. So instead I focus on what I want more of; my thought process is that if I fill my life with things I love there will no longer be space for the things that don’t actually bring me joy.

Many people like to use the start of a new year as a reset, however I prefer to use the previous year as a platform for growth and self realisation. I know that sounds awfully airy-fairy, but bare with me, hopefully it will all make sense over the next few paragraphs.


2017 wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine; I wasn’t happy working an office job anymore, but quitting left me feeling lost and poor.

I had to give up many opportunities: travel, dinners out, shopping, and many other creature comforts so that I could afford to live, but also so I could work out what was actually important to me.

Though some of these things were hard to part with, it made me realise what my priorities were. The two things I missed most from scaling back were seeing friends and travel, so this year I want more of those; which will mean a few more nights in and a few less material possessions but that seems like a pretty fair trade off to me.

One of the hardest parts of being my own boss has not actually been the money (or lack thereof), loneliness, or self management as I thought, but the belief in myself that I can do it.

My confidence has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years through my blog and YouTube channel but putting my art out there was another story entirely. Somehow it seemed more raw. Drawing has always been an escape for me, so much so that not even my best friends knew that I could draw – so putting it out into the world was fucking terrifying. 

Though I still get the absolute fear putting each new piece on my store (or even on my Instagram) I cannot believe the positive response and huge amount support I have had with Emma Inks Designs. I am honestly so unbelievably grateful to every person that has liked, shared, or purchased a piece from me.

Despite my shop doing better than I ever could have imagined I still have so much self doubt, and there’s always a voice in my head says I’m not good enough to achieve my dreams.

In 2018 I hope my confidence grows to the point where there simply isn’t space for those negative thoughts and allows me to grow both personally and professionally.


Outfit DetailsJeans – LOTD*, Top – Nobody’s Child, Jacket – All Saints, Trainers Nike

Last year with so much going on and constantly falling down a spiral of questioning myself I felt that my content had kind of stagnated. Though I am proud of a few key pieces, and feel like I progressed near the end of the 2017, this year I really want to knuckle down and create great content as well as growing all of my social channels.

Once again, this comes down to the bare bones of what I really love so there is going to be a less is more approach across all channels. I want to up the quality of my content whilst keeping each piece authentically me. That’s why this post has reverted back to old school Emma Inks style; street art, casual clothes, and East London are all favourites of mine so I thought it was a good place to start.


In totally inconvenient timing my health took a turn for the worse in 2017 and I was finally diagnosed with ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) this chronic illness is not going to disappear overnight but I’m determined to put health at the forefront of my priorities this year.

By “health” I don’t mean the bullshit that is advertised the whole of January, but a long-term lifestyle change that focuses on body and mind, not aesthetic. This has been a shift in my mindset for a few years now and one that I plan to continue and expand on in 2018.


Speaking of my mind, one thing that makes me feel most mentally clear is travel. I often feel restless at how mundane everyday life can be but when travelling I get physical space from the daily grind and seem to find clarity in a way I can’t anywhere else.

Travel also helps me open my mind to new people, ways of thinking, and opportunities. I never stop wanting to grow and learn and as I am not particularly academic I feel like travelling is my opportunity to educate myself and grow as a person.

Right now!

So, enough about what I am going to do, these weekly posts are meant to be about what I am doing and the truth right now: trying to get my shit together!

The new card collection is out!!!

I have been sorting out the new house so we now have basics like a working toilet and a bed we can actually sleep in. I’ve also been putting money where my mouth is when it comes to travel and booked a trip to Paris for next weekend.

And finally, of course I have been out for brunch to new local shops Coffee Fox and Pantry & Co, but also to old haunts Ozone Coffee Roasters and Blues Kitchen!

Now that life admin is almost under control next weeks update will be back to normal, but in the meantime I’d love to know what you guys want more of in 2018.

* These items were sent complementary of LOTD.com but, as always, all opinions and style choices are my own

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