About Emma Inks

Who the hell is this Emma that Inks?

I am a Scottish born lass currently living in London, with a serious case of wanderlust and a little rock ‘n’ roll in my soul.

I use Emma Inks to share mainly my London Life,Travel adventures and the things that I love hoping that my ramblings and shenanigans inspire and entertain those of you who stop on by.

If I had all the money in the world I would eat out at least once a day, go to every gig I had time for, see more films, buy cool art, add to my collection of tattoos, own a motorbike, and travel the world until I ran out of steam. Unfortunately that is a champagne dream and I am on more of a beer budget, but that’s OK because I happen to like beer!

So what can I expect from Emma Inks the blog?

Emma Inks is an unintentionally alternative blog, I say unintentional because I seem to have been put in the category even though I think that I am just doing me. Labels aren’t really my thing but if it makes it easier for people to understand what the hell is going on around here then that’s cool with me.

As mentioned above I write and share YouTube videos on Travel and my life in London this also includes topics such as Vegetarian Food, Alternative Fashion and Beauty with a sprinkling of my own experiences, opinions and sass.


If you are a new reader I would say to be prepared to expect the unexpected!

This blog is a reflection of me and I am the sort of girl that likes to run to the beat of my own drum and keep people on their toes.

Though running wild travelling is my main passion I find inspiration in many weird and wonderful places.

The only thing that I can guarantee is that all posts will be my own words and honest at the time of publishing, however things change over time, I make mistakes and you may not agree with my opinion.

This is a welcoming place and though we might not agree on everything I think differences make us interesting, so feel free to let me know your views but please don’t throw shade my way because ain’t nobody got time for negativity.

What’s the deal with working with you?

I am a PR and people friendly blogger so feel free to drop me a line at emma@emmainks.com

However if you are a PR or brand you might want to know the following….

  • I happily accept products for review however this is MY blog, if I don’t think the product fits in with Emma Inks I will not agree to accept or publish it.
  • My view is that working together has to be a mutually beneficial collaboration and there is no amount of money or social media promotion that is worth selling out for.
  • All content is my own, I do not accept 3rd party writing or graphics (this includes infographics and guest posts).
  • Unless previously agreed upon content will be posted to fit in with my schedule.
  • I don’t publish negative reviews as Emma Inks is an upbeat place where I share the things I like.
  • If I do not get on with a product I will contact you and let you know that it will not be published.
  • I will ALWAYS state at the end of the post if a product or outing were free or discounted.
  • Paid or unpaid follow links are not available.
  • Any images used are mine unless otherwise stated.

If you would like to use an image, have any questions or just want a new pen pal please feel free to drop me message at emma@emmainks.com.

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  1. Clare says:

    Emma, so great to see this new venture – looking forward to an insight into all lovely London things (which I’ll then promptly copy the following week!) x

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