• Travel
  • 11.4.2017

New Orleans, Bourbon Street – US Travel Diary Day 11

Deciding to steer clear of the tourist heavy French Quarter until later on in the evening we made our way along the river in the opposite direction taking in some of New Orleans less well trodden streets. Walking in the humidity we worked up quite the appetite so stopped to grab a bite at vegan […]

  • London
  • 10.4.2017

Vegetarian Dining at Chi Kitchen Oxford Street

Having date night in a department store might seem like an odd choice even for me, but hidden at the back of the ground floor in Debenhams Oxford Street is Chi Kitchen a department store restaurant with a difference. Serving up pan asian delights for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in inviting, open plan surroundings. Wandering around the back […]

  • Fashion and Beauty
  • 6.4.2017

City Break Style

With the popularity of budget airlines every expanding, a city break now seems as easy as hopping on a bus. Though I am a massive fan of low cost airlines (as they allow me to travel much more frequently) they do come at a price: mainly the sacrifice of customer service, seat selection and a strict […]

  • Thoughts
  • 30.3.2017

Sitting At The Window Seat

In general, I am a pretty relaxed traveller; long journeys don’t intimidate me and I don’t need much more than a sleeping bag, toilet, and shower to happily bed down for the night, but one thing I am particular about is sitting at the window seat. It seems petty to kick up a fuss about such a small […]

  • Travel
  • 28.3.2017

New Orleans – US Travel Diary 10

Day 10 of our US Road Trip and driving on the highway was becoming tedious, each hour dragged into the next and, unlike Texas, Louisiana seemingly did not have rest stops for us to stretch our legs and run around. After hours and hours of endless chain restaurants and straight roads eventually we came across Lake Charles. Sitting in […]

  • Food
  • 24.3.2017

The Best Healthy Snacks – Favourites #4

My hanger levels begin to rear their ugly head almost every four hours on the dot; so as not to put anyone else through my horrid behaviour when low on food I always carry snacks. These used to be crisps and chocolate but after suffering from food intolerances and various digestive issues I have taken my […]