• 31.12.2016

New year, same you

New Year is a great time to reflect, but resolutions aren’t for me. My brain doesn’t work with structure and I have finally stopped playing by other people’s rules. Writing a list doesn’t make me want to achieveme more but instead makes me anxious that I haven’t done enough. So, rather than using the passing […]

  • Travel
  • 19.12.2016

Edinburgh Chritsmas

Edinburgh is one of those places that is always a little bit magical with its castle towering over the city centre and its cute cobbled streets, but Christmas is when Edinburgh really becomes like a full blown storybook. The next day it was time to fully throw ourselves into the Christmas spirit and headed into […]

  • Life
  • 15.12.2016

#2006v2016 – The Diffence A Decade Can Make

Sometimes you don’t realise how much you have changed until you have time to reflect. This week the #2006v2016 hashtag was trending, I loved looking through others people’s pictures from then and now, so began to search for my own. Looking back into the beginnings of my Facebook profile for the first year my face […]

  • Food
  • 13.12.2016

Pergola On The Roof Winter

Following the hugely successful summer edition of Pergola on The Roof it has returned for winter – but the white washed walls, pebble beach and vine leaves have been transformed into a Nordic style winter wonderland. Arriving at Pergola, I was pleased to see that they had improved the queuing system and our reservation allowed […]

  • Thoughts
  • 6.12.2016

Spending Time Not Money

I have been a little quiet recently but I have some pretty good excuses. So what have I been up to? I  helped organise and attended a banquet at Buckingham Palace (casual, I know), sorted out Pablo’s 30th birthday celebrations in London, Edinburgh and Brighton, started a second YouTube Channel and am still planning a […]

  • Food
  • 2.12.2016

Telling Stories With Fashion Photography

They say a picture paints 1000 words and this was something I had forgotten when it came to my own blog fashion photography. Getting in the habit of constantly taking pictures for my blog or Instagram, and filming for YouTube I got stuck in a rut and forgot why I was taking pictures. Images are not […]