• 9.5.2017

Solitude In The City – London Life

I don’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t feel restless, but since moving to London I have been a little more settled in myself. Of course, I wouldn’t be me without having itchy feet but it is no longer a constant annoyance, more like a dull tingling that occasionally needs scratched. Growing […]

  • Travel
  • 5.5.2017

What Plan? – US Travel Diary 13

My travel diary has kind of gone off course over the past few days, we have now reached the half way point of our road trip and I think I just got a little tired. Memphis The last place I left you was New Orleans, from there we drove to Memphis. The drive was yet another […]

  • Fashion
  • 3.5.2017

Spring Style On Fire

Spring is here, the days are getting gradually warmer and lighter, but my style of course remains as dark as my heart. My main problem with finding the perfect pair of denim shorts (and bottoms in general) is that I have a small waist which cannot make up its mind if it’s an 8 or […]

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  • 27.4.2017

New Orleans VooDoo and Beignets – Travel Diary 12

It was our final full day in New Orleans and we had a few must see tourist items to tick off our list, checking out NOLA’s voodoo scene, as well as treating ourselves to Café Du Monde beignets. The interior was basic, but homely and the two servers were abrupt but got the job done quickly. As we […]

  • Beauty
  • 24.4.2017

Not A Traditional Beauty Blogger

I am a self confessed beauty lover; I don’t find makeup a chore and every morning I find the process of applying my face therapeutic. I love the possibilities of what I can look like each day depending on my mood or the occasion. I have spoken previously about how my relationship with makeup has changed […]

  • Travel
  • 18.4.2017

What To Do In Belfast

Belfast is a city I have had the pleasure of visiting many times. Going to Dundee University (where every one in four students is from Belfast) means that I am never short of a Northern Irish buddy to visit. Though my last visit to Belfast was only a year ago my mum hadn’t been in almost 9 […]