• Travel
  • 4.7.2017

My Travel Story

I always think of my travel story as starting at 18 when I went off on my first big solo adventure around South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand; but actually it started WAY before that at the grand old age of 15 months when my mum took me on my first holiday to Lincolnshire. […]

  • London
  • 3.7.2017

The Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes

On entrance we were welcomed by a video of Nathan who explained his latest work before we entered the first space. Flash first caught my eye; walking around the sculpture I could not believe the detail that was involved in the piece and the realistic body positioning, bringing the art to life. In the centre […]

  • Travel
  • 28.6.2017

24 hours in Southern Cornwall

Feeling a little tired from London life, Pablo and I took advantage of the bank holiday to escape to the tranquility of Southern Cornwall. Booking Edyn, a cute little shepherd’s cabin, through Airbnb we were warmly welcomed by our hosts and after a LONG drive settled down for the night with a celebratory glass of […]

  • Beauty
  • 26.6.2017

My top 5 Sweatproof Makeup Products

Whether I am battling the British heatwave, on my travels, or sweating my butt off at a gig, I ain’t got time for topping up my face every five minutes; so here are the products I am currently using to keep my mask in place, and which survive even the sweatiest of scenarios. Urban Decay […]

  • Life
  • 22.6.2017

Rock and Roll in My Soul

In some of my online profiles I write that I’ve got rock and roll in my soul, which is cute because it rhymes – but truly I feel a strong bond with music, especially the rock variety. Music is a huge part of my life and something that I have always found solace in, even during my darkest […]

  • Travel
  • 19.6.2017

5 Places For Great Vegetarian Food in Budapest

Before heading to Budapest I was warned by several people to be aware that Hungary was a meat heavy culture and I would struggle being a dairy free vegetarian. Thankfully, this was not the case and with a little research we found that Budapest has as thriving vegetarian and vegan community with plenty of options; […]