What’s the deal with working with you?

I am a PR and people friendly blogger so feel free to drop me a line at emma@emmainks.com

However if you are a PR or brand you might want to know the following….

  • I happily accept products for review however this is MY blog, if I don’t think the product fits in with Emma Inks I will not agree to accept or publish it.
  • My view is that working together has to be a mutually beneficial collaboration and there is no amount of money or social media promotion that is worth selling out for.
  • All content is my own, I do not accept 3rd party writing or graphics (this includes infographics and guest posts).
  • Unless previously agreed upon content will be posted to fit in with my schedule.
  • I don’t publish negative reviews as Emma Inks is an upbeat place where I share the things I like.
  • If I do not get on with a product I will contact you and let you know that it will not be published.
  • I will ALWAYS state at the end of the post if a product or outing were free or discounted.
  • Paid or unpaid follow links are not available.
  • Any images used are mine unless otherwise stated.

If you would like to use an image, have any questions or just want a new pen pal please feel free to drop me message at emma@emmainks.com.