About Emma Inks Journal

I’m Emma an illustrator, founder of Wayward and author of this creative journal. 

I spend most of my days working from my Edinburgh studio creating unique paper goods in a tattoo art style. 

This creative journal is where I share the realities of own business life and the things that inspire me and my illustrations. 

The Hustle

After years of dreaming I finally took the plunge, quit my office job and started my own business selling alternative greetings cards. In the short time I’ve been running Wayward have learned one hell of a lot and want to share some of that knowledge in this creative journal. 

London Life

I’m originally from Scotland but lived in London for almost a decade. Over this time I found a fair few favourite local spots but one of the reasons I stayed for so long is this city is it’s always changing! Old favourites or new places I can’t wait to keep on exploring. I mainly spent my time seeking out independent eateries which are vegan friendly, great coffee and cool creative events.  

Travel Journal

Travel is a huge passion of mine and often where I find inspiration for my art. I can usually be found off the beaten track on the search for street art, hunting down local craft beer or off out in the wild hiking. Whatever I’m up to I make sure to include all my favourite finds my alternative travel guide. 

In summary this is a place for art and adventures. 

What’s the deal with working with you?

I am a PR and people friendly blogger so feel free to drop me a line at emma@emmainks.com

However if you are a PR or brand you might want to know the following….

  • I happily accept products for review however this is MY blog, if I don’t think the product fits in with Emma Inks I will not agree to accept or publish it.
  • My view is that working together has to be a mutually beneficial collaboration.
  • All content is my own, I do not accept 3rd party writing or graphics (this includes infographics and guest posts).
  • I will ALWAYS state if a product or outing were free or discounted, or if I was paid for a collaboration. 
  • Paid or unpaid follow links are not available.
  • Any images used are mine unless otherwise stated.

If you would like to use an image, have any questions or just want a new pen pal please feel free to drop me message at emma@emmainks.com.

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  1. Clare says:

    Emma, so great to see this new venture – looking forward to an insight into all lovely London things (which I’ll then promptly copy the following week!) x

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