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The New Neons

A little behind the scenes look at my latest neon card collection.

Neon Inspiration

My first neon cards were born out of ‘Lockdown 1’ and was my first official Wayward collection! These designs were inspired by a want to connect at a time where we were physically unable to. 

This second neon collection comes off the back of that after 2 years in a global pandemic. I still feel somewhat disconnected, yet in that time frame so many wonderful things have happened: we have grown older, friends have had children, some friends got married, got engaged, we bought homes, we changed jobs, moved countries and some of us realised we’re happy exactly where we are in our lives. We lived when so many, tragically, did not.

I think all of us changed a little during the pandemic. One thing that stuck out for me was celebrating the little things and that’s what this collection is all about. 

Delays and Self Doubt

These cards were actually meant to be released alongside the California Collection but due to a lack of funds, poor sales and (honestly) the headspace I was in made the release of something so positive feel inauthentic. So I held back and waited nine months. 

The California Collection was a daydream of travels far away again. When I was first drawing them it seemed like my imagination was the only place I’d be flying off to for a very long time but now I feel more hopeful, with vaccines and the world opening back up again, that travel will no longer be a dream. 

As I began to feel positive again I felt it was the right time to launch and to celebrate all that we have collectively achieved over the past few difficult years.

Why Neons?

The bold colours and positives vibes encapsulate what I love about a California road trip and reminds me of the 90’s skate scene that first drew me to the sunshine state.

I have always had a fascination with neons, they are unashamedly brash and designed to draw you in. They remind me of rock and roll, the USA and also East London with my many many trips to God’s Own Junkyard. Following my love for neon has been super beneficial since moving to Edinburgh too; following Solas Neon has lead me to find so many amazing places in Scotland and beyond.

My top tip for finding the best indie places is to follow the creatives; neon designers, sign writers, mural artists, photographers etc always know the coolest spots.

Why Neon Cards?

This will probably be my last card collection for a while. This year I need to concentrate on growing my business and on larger artwork now that studios are open again. I wanted to give you a collection that stands out and covers almost every occasion.

Hopefully these cards can be given to more people at IRL occasions but even if you are still apart from loved ones for whatever reason I believe a card can brighten up even the darkest of days. 

‘Just a card’ to you might mean the world to someone else. 

Let’s celebrate life’s little occasions like fucking rockstars

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