Creative Women That Inspire Me

Leaving the comfort of an office job to follow my creativity into the unknown was a tough decision to make, but thankfully the internet is full of inspirational women to look up to and ask advice from. As per my international women’s day post, I want to start sharing more women who totally kick ass, so here’s just a handful of the creatives whose ambition and talent motive me to work harder and dream bigger.

Kaye Ford – Fordtography

Kaye Ford photography - Zoe London, CJ Carpenter, Sophie Eggleton

Kaye took her talent for photography and turned it into a flourishing career.

The first time we properly met was at a Boohoo event where we got to make our own t-shirts (I don’t count the first time because I was drunk at an event I can’t really remember). I instantly wanted to be Kaye’s friend, she’s got such a warm and friendly personality that immediately puts you at ease, which is exactly what you want from a photographer.

You can see this effect in her work, she really gets the best out of people, and instead of awkward poses she captures personality and charm which explains why she is so in demand.

I love following along with all of her interesting projects and travels but damn this woman works hard! Photography is a tough game and Kaye is playing hard, pushing herself, and building up a huge and enviable reputation.

I just hope that once I’ve saved up my pennies she’ll have enough time for a small fry like me.

Natasha Nuttall – Graphique Fantastique

Natasha Nuttall Graphic Designer

Natasha took the leap of leaving her job to follow her dreams a year before I did and has been a complete rock to me over the past few months. She is so creative and full of ideas, I always leave one of her chats feeling enlightened. Natasha has a real knack for helping people and shares her opinion in exactly the right tone. She manages to give advice without crushing your ego, complimented by a practical way to reach your goals.

As well as being my unpaid, overworked, life coach Natasha is an hugely talented Graphic Designer. She has recently shared her skills with our co-working space painting the most stunningly vibrant mural to bring a little colour to the community. This is just a small example of her creative expertise and is on the hunt for more spaces to jazz up with her graphic style. So, if you’ve got a wall that needs some life then hit her up!

It’s not only painting walls Natasha has a passion for, she always finds the best spots for street art in London. If you wanna know the low down on what’s cool and colourful in town Natasha is your best guide and I’m so glad she brings so much colour into my otherwise goth life.

Charli Marie- Charli Marie TV

Charli Marie - Designer, YouTube and Web Developer

I was actually introduced to Charli through one of Natasha’s blog posts and have been hooked ever since. Charli is a graphic designer, web developer, YouTuber and all round passionate creative.

Charli’s channel focuses on her life as a designer in London covering a range of interesting topics like; being a digital nomad, goals, organisation, tech, and travel. She also gets some brilliant guests onboard to have a chat about design and more.

I am always blown away by the breadth of creative ideas Charli has. She is forever working on exciting projects, which she manages with a perfect balance of level headedness and pure passion.

Whether it’s a real life chat or I’ve just finished watching one of her videos Charli’s energy is contagious and I always leave her inspired to get shit done.

Ella Masters

Ella Masters Artist and Blogger

I first came across Ella in my favorite tattoo magazine Things and Ink where I absolutely fell for her beautifully cool artwork. Inspired by tattoo and life her art pieces are always unique and have her strong signature illustrative style.

Whether her collection is focussed on plants, females, or tattoo work they are always exciting and I have a variety of her creations scattered around my house. Ella is an absolute powerhouse and is the hardest working creative I know, which is hugely inspiring.

On a personal note I have been lucky enough to connect with Ella in real life and I am pleased to report she is just as amazing in real life as she is in print: kind hearted, and one of the strongest women out there; I’m always excited to see Ella continue to thrive.

Kat Williams – Rock n Roll Bride

Kat Williams Rock and Roll Bride

Taking a blog to print is not an easy task, but a market which Kat has managed to flourish in, creating a space for normal people to share their unique weddings.

Kat was actually a speaker at my first blogging event and I was enamoured by her down to earth and practical approach to both blogging and print. I also felt hugely encouraged by her approachability, Kat has no ego and though we sat around like school children legs crossed, on the floor she happily chatted to all of us eager bloggers as equals.

Rock n Roll Bride is the only publication I’ve looked at since I got engaged, a traditional day is obviously not my style and I love reading about other people’s extraordinary experiences. If you don’t want to commit to the stunning printed pages of Rock n Roll Bride magazine, the blog where it all stemmed from back in 2007 still remains and is a wealth of wedding based information for all types of celebratory style.

Kat is a champion for doing things your own way and her ability to turn her own experiences of wedding planning into a hugely successful business that embraces the alternative is totally aspirational to me.

Laila – Tapeparade

Laila (Tapeparade)Musician, Writer and Blogger

Laila is a musician, writer, and blogger who is not afraid to explore tough topics.

I honestly can’t keep up with Laila; between her work and travels this women never stops yet somehow manages to be one of the most socially aware people I have the pleasure of knowing. There is no doubt that she is massively passionate about topics such as race, veganism, environmentalism, and feminism however I never feel afraid to ask Laila questions. Though it is absolutely not her role to educate me I feel like I see the world slightly differently each time we talk or read her blog.

Not only is she an extremely talented writer, her musical skills take Laila all over the globe. Seeing this extraordinary women smashing it in so many creative areas is an absolute joy and I can’t wait to see what she gets up to next.

Though all these women span across various creative careers, the one thing that they all have in common is that they are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and follow their passions. Growing a successful creative business is no easy task – it takes a huge amount of dedication, hard work, and hustle – but seeing these bosses, as well as so many other women, killing it makes me strive to push harder and expand my own little business.

This is just the start of my inspirational women series so I would love to for you to share some of the people who help you get motivated?

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