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5 Facebook Groups For Creative Businesses

Before last year I had decided Facebook only had a few purposes. These were mainly scrolling past Lad Bible videos, organising events, and keeping up with family members – but little did I know that there was a whole world of Facebook groups for creative businesses.

Like real life it took me a while to find my people on Facebook, but now I have I thought I’d save you the effort and share them with you:

Sell Like An Artist Community

This group is hosted by Clare Yuille and Anthony Bowers from Indie Retail Academy. The aim of this Facebook group is to help artists communicate with retailers and customers without fear.

In the Sell Like an Artist Group people are encouraged to strike up a conversation with other sellers. This is coupled with the additional support of Clare and Anthony who share their knowledge as retailers. These two elements make for a  winning combo.

The community is really open and friendly and I found zero  judgement when asking business related questions. If all of that isn’t enough Clare also offers various easy to follow courses and help sheets.

The Rollercoaster Of Running an Indie Business

Created by Leona, an indie business owner that runs Lucky Dip Club. Being a fellow creative boss she totally gets the trials and tribulations of the grind and is there with advice and encouragement.

The group she has created is “a virtual studio for indie biz owners and freelancers to chat and cheerlead”

The Indie Roller is another open discussion group where you can share your woes, and wins with a bunch of fellow independent business owners.

As an added bonus there is also a bunch of videos that are a great resource.

The Freelance Lifestylers

The Freelance Lifestylers is filled with kind and knowledgeable people open to chatting about living that freelance life.

Emma launched her blog of the same name back in 2011 as a place for freelancers to find down-to-earth advice.

She not only has a Facebook group and blog but also a podcast and offers coaching, so you can really get all the help and advice you might ever want in any way you want with the Freelance Lifestylers.

Your First 1k on Etsy

Etsy sellers old and new come together to chat all things, well, em… Etsy. Ask for help, share tips, and talk about own business life with fellow sellers.

This place is amazing to get the inside scoop on Etsy in a down to earth way.

In Colourful Company

OK, so this is not an own business Facebook group – and my seem like an odd choice coming from a goth like me – BUT this group is an absolute joy. In Colourful Company is filled with happy, colour loving people, who share all their favourite rainbow finds and more.

This community also has an extra personal touch with Colour Walks throughout the country where a local host takes a bunch of colour hunters on a casual tour. I think this sounds like a great way to get to know like minded people, as well as finding some new colourful hangouts.

I’ve added this group as so often we use social media as a way to take the knowledge we require but this wonderful group shows the importance of fostering a community, because social media is meant to be social right?

I hope that you find some of these Facebook groups for creative businesses useful; if you’ve got any recommendations please let me know – I’m always on the hunt for more great internet people to hang out with online.

In a cheeky little bit of self promo if you are over in Facebook I’d love to have you as part of the Emma Ink’s Facebook Page.

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