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Emma Inks Blog 2.0

Oh hi, it’s me Emma. This is a little awkward because the last time I posted on this blog I was saying a dramatic goodbye.

Well guess what, I writing so much I’m bringing Emma Inks Blog back!

A year later…

I went through some major life changes between 2018-19;

  • I quit my job of 7 years
  • Started a business
  • Bought a house
  • Got married
  • Moved studios 3 times

All while being chronically ill!

It’s been a ride but now I feel ready to return to blogging again.

So why blog now?

I originally started Emma Inks to share my London Life and Adventures but somewhere down the line most interest came from my “Lewk” rather than my words.

I was left feeling perplexed at what I should do next;

  1. Go down a route that didn’t feel 100% authentic but I knew would lead to more followers and opportunities.
  2. Stick to my guns and do what I wanted which seem to interest very few people.
  3. Call it a day and admit I had reached the end of the road.

I choose to do the latter, and my blogging sabbatical has been awesome. Without distractions and the fear of missing out on opportunities I got to focus on what I love – and that’s creating.

In addition to finding clarity I am in a more settled place now.

The wedding has been and gone. Our house is in a much better state. My health is under control. I have a much clearer vision on what I want my business to be, and I have my very own workspace.

So now I’ve got my shit together hopefully we can have a good old catch up over here.

So what’s this blog about now?

My blog  might be at the same web address but there are a few major changes.

Before, Emma Inks was a hubbub of content which was chaotic and reflected my life and mental state at the time. Moving forward I want to focus down on 3 categories that I feel passionate about and will hopefully be valuable to you:

1. Creative Life

As a creative business owner I spend most of waking hours hustling and trying to grow Emma Inks Studio. I am not a self proclaimed expert in anything but I thought it might be fun to share my journey navigating own business life.

I’ve found so many amazing creatives over the past year and also want to pay it forward by sharing their awesome work.

As well as focusing on some rad indie businesses I want to share my own way of working. This could be anything from silk screen printing to how the hell I organise my Quickbooks.

I am learning and changing my process all the time and would love to open up a creative conversation where we could ask questions and share our experiences.

2. London

London was the spark that ignited my OG blog, but overtime I let that fire burn out.

I never lost the love I have for London but fell victim to good old imposter syndrome. I compared my content to other London bloggers who had the ability to curate posts so polished they could make even a humble Greggs sausage roll look like a gourmet experience.

Somewhere over this past 12 months I had a lightbulb moment…

People don’t come to my blog for glossy content, but to find indie or unusual places.

That, my internet friends, I can definitely provide.

3. Travel

Travel blogging is a solid favourite of mine but once again doubt crept in that I was doing it “right.” When of course I was!!

There is no right or wrong way to explore. I might prefer to drink tinnies with locals at the side of the Seine rather than sipping champagne with a view of the Eiffel Tower – and that’s totally cool.

My travel posts aren’t going to change, because I want to take you on my trip with me, in my style.

Expect more alternative places, street art, indie eateries and (of course) plenty of coffee.

Same Blog Different Attitude

This past year has been wild, but I feel much more settled in who I am and focussed on what I want to share with the world.

So here’s to Emma Inks 2.0, and being a more confident blogging, boss ass, witch.

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